DaVinci, The Raptor

Who Am I...

A Large Raptor, pet to Fwufikins

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

DaVinci was adopted and raised by the ghoulish maid Fwufikins as a hatchling. After growing up together, the pair became inseparable as they wandered the world. Even after his master’s death and subsequent revival and servitude, the creature has remained at their side.

Strangely, the raptor has shown little to no signs of aging since Fwuf’s revival at the hands of the sorceress Magicia. It is entirely possible that the magicks that brought about his master’s revival may have granted the beast unnaturally long life…

When the undead creature now known as Fwuf was alive, DaVinci acted as a simple pet. However, now that the two beings share in their carnivorous bloodlust, the pair have become nigh inseparable -almost symbiotic, even- allowing for horrifically efficient cooperative attacks.

As a predator, much of DaVinci’s life revolves around the hunt. While most predators have a fairly low success rate, DaVinci’s status as a companion to Fwufikins has allowed him easy access to food. Even without their domestication, their intelligence and cunning paired with a lethal combination of strength and speed make DaVinci a monstrous killing machine.

Despite all this, though, he is very social for an animal, enjoying the company of any who enjoy his company. He is wary of those who distrust him or fear him, but quick to befriend those who give them a chance.

My Appearance

Approximately 7 feet tall, 18 feet long, and weighing in at close to 750 pounds, DaVinci is by all accounts a very large raptor. When you’re as well fed as he is, though, that’s not uncommon.

His scales are burgundy in color, lightening near the face and stomach with black stripes. His feathers are black at the base but flare into a bright red towards the tip. His eyes are a  glowing orange-amber.

Apart from his massive size, DaVinci fits the prototypical dromaeosaurid build; a thin frame with a deep chest and a long tail. Long, well muscled limbs end in menacing claws, including an 8 inch long talon on either foot. The massive head filled with razor sharp teeth houses a brais forming more strien that rivals humans in intelligence, even if the raptor is incapable of speech.


-Teeth, claws, muscles, and jaws

-Speed, intelligence, and savagery.

-A chain collar with a name tag that displays DaVinci’s name on the front, and “If found, return to Fwuf”

My Secrets Are...

Accidentally ate the Easter Bunny once

I Believe...

That you look delicious