the Nightmare


powers and skills

teleportation: the ability to travel any place, distance or speed, in a instant

ghost mode: the ability to make himself completely untouchable and invisible

heat-up: the ability to heat up any part of his body to a temperature of hundred degrees

shape-shifting: he can change into the form of a massive black bear, everything that was on his human body, is made into his bear form somehow, the tears are blue fur under his red eyes, and his claws are silver

object summoning: this ability is quite common, he can materialize any object into his hand

Who Am I...

i am your wickedness, made flesh -nightmare, fnaf-

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

the story of nightmares is long, dating back to the beginning of time,back then, Nightmare was called darkness and the reson is in this story, dream, darkness and reality came to be and parted, making life, reality was in charge, making death, nightmare was in charge, and making dreams, dream was in charge,one day, dream died, her aura shutting off like a light switch, then reality’s, darkness knew he was next, so he readied himself to face it, it was himself, but without the teeth and claws, shorter and small compared to darkness, although darkness did not fear anything, but he knew he must be careful, so he waited for the attack, but to his surprise, the being that had killed his counter parts, kneeled in front of him and spoke ” i am shadow, the being of the dark things that wait, will you accept me, master of death?” dark was taken back, this being was asking for him to accept him! so he offered his hand “may you serve me well” he said cautiously, as shadow took his hand, the two separate halves merged and became the Nightmare, apparently, reality and dream had separated Nightmare into shadow and dark, shadow was the half of anger and bloodlust, but darkness was the cold and calculating one , when they came together, they temporarily became insane, they had not realized that they also needed to merge minds,destroying the life that had grown, major cities wiped off the map, before they could stop and think and merge their minds, becoming a almost unstoppable force, that is nightmares story

My Appearance

no, he does not look like nightmare from five nights at Freddy’s, he looks like a monster, made of steel, yes, he is a monster capable of altering dimensions and coming and going as he pleases, no he is not a cannibal

tall, thin, his face is covered by a metal mask, painted to look like hes crying, underneath the mask is a skull with two deep red eyes and white pupils and irises, jagged teeth, and a nose hole, he is deeply ashamed of his looks and background so he put the mask on to signify his sad backstory and personality, his skin is broiling shadows, and his fingers are silver claws


reality’s blade: a blade that can alter the owners whereabouts and shape
dream scythe: this weapon can invade into the targets dreams and take control of the sleeping person
the blade of that slumbers: this blade is claimed to hold reality and dream inside, could it be true?

My Secrets Are...

-i am kind and sensitive
-i love people
-were reality and dream right about nightmare?

I Believe...

that nightmares are the worlds harsh words materalized