Varnic Drakengard

Who Am I...

The wandering remnants of a great man

Romantic Interests

None currently

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am Varnic, I grew up in a simple village, deep within the Arcane kingdom of Anthera. During the Annual card day ceremony. My magical ability was read and deemed me a necromancer. This made me an outcast, a wandering soul who was forever shut out of the world I knew. And so now I am here. In this new land, I don’t know how I got here but I’m here to stay until I am strong. Strong enough to shake off the shackles of my past and bring my vengeance upon my old home.

My Appearance

I am six foot three inches, my hair is currently short and my beard is mostly trimmed. I dress mostly in a hooded traveling robe with thick leather boots and a pack upon my back. Three books hang at my side in arcane housing.


Basic supplies for camping and cooking, books. Necrotic Dragon bone staff

My Secrets Are...

I descend from an ancient bloodline of necromancer Kings. And my destiny is to take my place once more upon their throne

I Believe...

That fate is a cruel mistress whom has targeted me