Varnic Drakengard

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Who Am I...

Varnic the wandering Necromancer

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My Story Is...

Varnic grew up in a rather poor land, his family but humble peasantry in a land where only the strongest magic users could lift from poverty.Growing up Varnic and many of the other children of his visit we’re sent to the local Magic guild to determine their magical affinity. Varnic drew the black card of the magic world. A magic that made him an outcast and feared by his village. His magic affinity was that which governed death. Varnic’s life as a necromancer began

My Appearance

A tall man standing six foot three inches. Clad in light leathers and furs with a black hood that hangs over just above his eyebrows. His face is rather soft. He is considered handsome by some. His hair is a dark brown almost black, his eyes are an icy blue.


Leather bound JournalTwo leather binded spell booksShort swordStaff made from a necromatic dragons rib.

I Believe...

Death is only a gateway to immortality and power