SCP-1267 “ace the bear”


A massive grizzly bear with claws and teeth capable of tearing straight through nearly indestructible substances such as diamonds, his fur is a tough material known as void fur, nothing but void can hurt it, though in the end, it’s just a giant, over-sized bear…that doesn’t help does it? though it is extremely intelligent.

family: a brown bear sister known simply as bud, also a void bear..oh, the term for creatures such as ace and bud is “void bear”

Who Am I...

My name is lost to the void of reality

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

One day, a void demon decided to experiment on a local bear, it gave it a bit of its power, then it grew to a abnormal size and killed the demon, then the scp foundation found it and captured it, deeming it keter

skills: it can manipulate the void to its whim, it can also manipulate the elements of earth, then theres the fact it can see through illusions very much like SCP-682, it can adapt to any situation, it can change its shape and size, it also can turn into any animal, but when its human, it can speak.

My Appearance

A massive black bear with dark shaggy fur and bright blue eyes, it’s claws are about 2 inches

the eyes are a brilliant ocean blue with slit pupils

two rows of needle sharp teeth


this bear is able to create things from the void

My Secrets Are...

the Secrets of the void are in its mind

I Believe...

In life and death…and the void between