experiment #13 code (Kezza)

Who Am I...

I can be a little sarcastic and a little dumb sometimes but a true softy at heart but a life of abuse and neglect and later experiment 13 the experiment to create a weapon to end all wars left a sour taste in my mouth makeing me very hostile and very unstable in sertan situations and towards sertan people .

Romantic Interests

I've never really thought about it

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Up until i was about 3 years old i had a pretty normal childhood excluding the fact my peronts only had me to bring them closer but i wasnt enough to fix a broken marrage they didnt pay much attention to me so i became as independent as i could at tha age. One day i overheard my mother on the phone talking about having another child and tha it was going to be a girl this time. when i found out i was going to have a little sister i was extatic i couldnt wait to have a sibling. But it was all to good to be true as she died before she could evan be born. My peronts gave up at that point, my mother started to drink each year getting worse and worse so i had to look after her most nights bc she was to drunk to look after herself my father spent most of his time at work so i didnt see him much but when i did he took out his anger on me and over the years i had my fair share of broken bones and cuts. As i got older i needed excuses to get away from my family more and more so most of my highschool life if not all of it was spent slacking off going to partys and seshes takeing more and more drugs i think i only did it in hopes that it might kill me. Over the last few weeks ive knowtised a group of people only a small group of 3 tha just show up dont talk or do anything actually they just watch us… the last party i was invited to was odd it was been held in the basment of a old farm house just out of town i walked up to the building there was no people no music i hoped i got the wrong place so i turned arould and they were there… thats the last thing i remember before waking up straped to a medical table with needles and tubes stuck in me.


.I alwase have my mask it suppresses my power and makes it more manageable
.a hunting knife i found in a deer carcass when i escaped the testing lab
.a handgun i aquired from one of the men sent to bring me back

Control and manipulation over time:

This is the only power I have, it was given to me as i was used as a lab rat in underworld experiments in the efforts to create a super weapon. It seems simple at first but can stem into many different things depending how creative I can be it is infact a very versatile ability

Speeding up:

I can speed up my physical body makeing myself as fast as I can imagine, the speed of sound to the speed of light and faster if I want to show off makeing me a formidable fighter as to a regular human it seems I’m telaporting and getting hit at the speed of light theres not any time to react and theres not many defences strong enough to withstand the force

I can also speed up my learning progression so I can master for example, languages, fighting styles or anything tha requires years and years of practice I can master in a few minutes

Other things this can be used for is speeding up my metabolism keeping my body in good shape no matter what I eat and speed up the time it takes someone to understand a joke i say makeing me funnier than i actually am XD

Slowing down:

I can slow time down all the way to a complete stand still makeing me practically untouchable if you wanted to attack me or I can easily get into places and get out without anyone knowing

I can also do other things like slow down the ageing prosses of myself or others or slow down the time it takes for food to get cold or go off

Unique uses:

Time can be frozen in areas creating impenetrable walls of frozen time

I can reverse the blood flow around peoples bodys to immediately imobilise and kill my enemies
– this can also be used to stop blood flow in sertan areas to stop them working e.g. legs and arms

I can enter a limbo area if time becomes unstable enough this area is like my own personal world where I can sit and think for days on end in a matter of seconds

I can also access the memories of any of my past lifes this isnt all useful it’s more of a thing I do when I want to escape from a situation and I want to chill

My Secrets Are...

Ive seen all possible outcomes and theres not one where i dont come out ontop

I Believe...

You can tell the heros from the monsters in a split second u just need to know what it's like on both sides of the void