Inara Decross

Who Am I...

Who Was I would be a better question

Romantic Interests

None currently

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My Story Is...

Part 1


Her power is known as Empathic Masochism.

Stage 1
Inara is always giving off an aura that feeds from her emotional state. Those who are to close to her are often compelled by it. Mainly intense emotional pain. This often causes those who her under the influence to act out. If she has an intense feeling of hate. those infected will hate themselves or others to the point of self harm or murder.
If she feels happy they may uncontrollably laugh till the suffocate. and so on

Stage 2
If Inara manages to consume the blood or part of a person Then they are fully tied to her not just her emotional state but her physical state as well If she is at all harmed her aura causes the damage the person she is linked to rather then herself. Effectively healing her in the process. This, however, does not apply to injuries she may suffer from when not linked to someone.
But if she does link then all injuries prior will be transferred.