Intro Video

Who Am I...

“Eh, just your average dude. I own a lil’ bookshop in Monterey. Gets pretty busy down there, lots of tourists from the bay. Chilly waters if you ask me, not too fun to go for a dip. But uh, if you wanna test it for yourself, I can take ya.”

My Story Is...


~* Story in the Making *~



My Appearance

~ Height ~ 6’1 (plus the 10 ft length of the tentacles when in Mer form)
~ Weight ~ 183lbs (356 lbs when in Mer form)
~ Race ~ Cecaelia – Merfolk – Merman – Octomer
~ Eyes ~ Amber-Gold-Honey
~ Hair Color/Style ~ Brown, bleached in some areas. Curly, poofy, and long. Goes just past shoulder blades.

~ Physical ~ Tall, broad shouldered. Well defined muscling. Tanned skin. Has 8 tentacles (like an octopus) that are black in color, but change with moods and environment. Has a great smile, which is often always present on his face.

~ Personality ~ Pretty much a happy-go-lucky guy. Rarely ever seen with ill temper. If so, that’s when you know something is up. Cheerful, optimistic,

~ Appearance ~ He loves sweaters and long sleeve shirts. Definitely a change from being naked underwater. Will experiment with clothing on a daily basis, but mainly sticks to a hipster or grunge look.


~ Property ~

* Book shop in Monterey, California. Just outside of the bay in Cannery Row.

* Modern house near the beach, has a large indoor “aquarium”.