Calamity Rouffe

Who Am I...

I'm an orphan around 18 years old. Name's Calamity. That's all you gotta know.

Romantic Interests

I'm bi

Relationship Status

Currently single

My Story Is...

I’ve lived my entire life on streets or in the forest. No real adventures, unless you count shoplifting. Nothing to tell about. There are literally millions of people like me.

My Appearance

I have long, straight white hair and, surprisingly, black eyebrows. My face is oval and rather symmetric, with big, blue eyes on it. I’m 5″2 (around 155 cm). No, I’m not joking and, yes I am really short. It can be useful though.
I usually wear over-sized sweaters or hoodies and leggins, preferably black.


What, now you want me to tell you what is in my pockets? Geez, fine.
A penknife, a loaf of bread and some money.
All of it was stolen though…

My Secrets Are...

Really? Such a bold question.

…All I will tell you is that I had to made up everything I know about myself.

I Believe...

You know this shit about "there's good in everyone"? Yeah, I believe in something completely opposite – everyone has something bad in them. Some just don't accept it.