Delfuin Celebalqua the Necromancer

Who Am I...

Delfuin is a high elven necromancer. She is strong with magical forces and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She rather likes the dead rather than the living.

Romantic Interests

* N/A at the moment.

Relationship Status

* N/A, She doesn't think that she needs a partner… It could be proved wrong.

My Story Is...

Delfuin is a high elven necromancer. She is born of noble blood. Her work and studies are very important to her, but she has an obsession over gold and will do what it takes to take/earn it from others, even if it means delving into darker forces. She travels from town to town, finding new clients that have enough coin to tempt her work. 

My Appearance

*She is a high elf

*5’8, 135 lbs.

*Very pale, almost a purple tint to her skin.

*Her eyes are red with double winged eyeliner that sports gold flecks (wing on top and bottom lashes).

*She tends to wear anything black, though she prefers to stay formal with gowns and robes. She always has jewelry strewn about her.

*Her hair is black as night and curls down just below her breasts.


*Black gown encrusted in jewels and gold.

*Skull staff

*Gold weaved cloak with silver fur sleeves

*Several pouches filled with gold and jewelry

*Tall leather boots


My Secrets Are...

*Even though she pretends to not care, she does have a heart.

*She loves animals.