Who Am I...

A lover, a warchief, a mother, and a child of death. A vampire & a sadomasochist.

Romantic Interests

Augustus Giovanni

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

In the beginning, Delilah did not remember who she was. After several years, she became the Duchess of Tuscany, Italy. Frequenting art museams and masquerades – her favorite hobbies at the time – she happened upon Augustus Giovanni during one of the events she attended. Augustus kidnapped her and took her for himself. Throughout the course of a few months locked away together, their feelings towards each other subtly blossomed from an insatiable hatred to a toxic love. After hundreds of years of being together, Augustus wiped her of her memories – not knowing that the Duchess was carrying his child.Stumbling upon Hellifyno, Delilah had no recollection of who she was or where she was from – nor did she recall having a baby. She only had the notion to come to a new planet where she met Seras Victoria – a woman whom she swore to protect. Upon meeting Daniel Plainview – she bound herself to him and swore fealty to his cause – killing thousands upon thousands of nymphs, soldiers, civilians, and innocents alike.During the Plainview Campaign, she was reunited with Augustus who restored her memories. Having them all come flooding back, she was filled with a hatred towards him and spitefully married Romulus Bloodwalker with whom she had a child. During their marriage, she left him for Alexander Equinox – not knowing that it was his clone that she was sleeping with. Again, she bore another child – Aaron Alexander Equinox – the last Equinox remaining.Delilah once more wed Augustus becoming his wife a second time. Throughout their toxic relationship, she gave him two more daughters named Liliana and Eleona. Delilah and Augustus performed a ceremonial bond – unbreakable by nature – to tie themselves to each other for the rest of time. Through their vows to each other, they attempted to re-establish the Giovanni Clan and to create a life together. However, upon Daniel’s death – Delilah grew insane and betrayed her Husband for the “Mad God” declaring her body to do with as Daniel pleased.The last that was seen of the Vampiress was once again claiming her ruling name over Italy. Though it is said that her feelings towards Augustus have not changed and that there is some betrayal she feels towards his new marriage.Children:Elexia Cecilia BloodwalkerAaron Alexander EquinoxEurydice GiovanniEleona RousseauLiliana RousseauSired:Ditmer GiovanniFrank MartinIris NejemBonds:Daniel Plainview (Broken)Luna White (Broken)Seras Victoria (Broken)Augustus Giovanni (Unbreakable)Spouses:Augustus Giovanni (Separated)

My Appearance

Sensual, dark, quiet, and seductive. Delilah has an air of mystery about her that draws in any observer. Her skin is abnormally pale with hair that is raven black. Her eyes are an emerald green that have a certain sparkle to them when she’s curious. She’s inquisitive with a bubbly laugh that gives her the appearance of being friendly. Delilah’s voice has often been described of soothing and angelic. The sound of a waterfall that holds just the smallest tinge of acid and venom. Some describe her as deceptively sweet. Standing at a basic 5’7″ – her body is mildly curvy.


A variety of skills and weapons inclusive of multiple throwing knives, daggers, and the Rousseau bloodline chains.

Notable “Powers”:Vampiric Strength, Speed, Agility, Dexterity, FlexibilityHeightened sense of Taste, Hearing, and SmellRegenerationHypnosisPleasure VenomShape-shiftingSummoning

My Secrets Are...

Allergic to Gold and Zagurian blood.

I Believe...

Even the stars refuse to shine.