Delilah K. Watson (The Amazon of Wintersong)


“Are you deranged like me?

Are you strange like me?

Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me?

Do you call yourself a f*cking hurricane like me?”


Who Am I...

War-Witch of Wintersong (Current Second in Command), owner of Delilah's Dive – Bad Tattoos and Worse drinks, with a new side hobby of gun-running

Romantic Interests

If I ever had time.

My Appearance

Delilah’s height can vary, but is generally somewhere between 6’0″ and 7’0″. Athletic build, usually wearing a tank top sporting a punk band logo, and jeans (she has a variety of different colors) she wears rolled up just below the knee. Hazel eyes and, like her height, her hair color changes periodically, but the two most common would be pink and rainbow. Heavily tattooed from the neck down, along with a black crown tattooed over her left eyebrow.

I Believe...

We all have a place in this world.