Jace Iumentum



Who Am I...

I am me

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My Story Is...

There is a lot I don’t like to mention from my past. let’s just say at a young age, I wasn’t exactly “welcomed” in my homelands. On a brighter note, I am now a traveler among the lands, looking for adventure and new stories to hear!

My Appearance

Well, At the age of 19, I am 5’9 with a weight of 165 lbs. In other words, I’m pretty lean, I guess? i ought to be from the amount of running and activities I do. I have long, red hair, that maybe reaches my mid back region.  It’s a bit unkempt, but I keep it in a ponytail to stay out of the way. My hair falls in my eyes a lot, though. Speakin of, I have kinds big, blue eyes. Many tell me they look like a kid’s. And some say my eyes look like they are burning blue flames, whatever that means.

I usually dress in light travel wear. My outfit for everyday usually is an off-white tunic with an old brown coat that is thin but warm. I also wear some dark brown trousers which are ended with my old, rugged boots. I constantly have to get the darned things fixed. I am a fighter, if needed to be one, so I wear some light, leather bracers, a half chest cover and some shin guards. Other than that, I am more light on my feet. Oh yeah! I always wear my dark red scarf. Won’t be caught dead without it. That’s bout it.



Sword thingy, scarf, hair tie, lots of crackers, some dead kind of bird, fox pelt and a few random books on spells? Oh, and some rope.

My Secrets Are...

Well… my hair is a bit on the odd side. For some-ought reason, it’s super sensitive to touch. Like it got some kinda nerves goin though it.

Also… I am cursed. But I ain’t goin into detail bout that!


I Believe...

Things can change in the blink of an eye.