I’m new to roleplaying so I’m probably not going to be the best, but I’m willing to try! Fighting scenes are not my strong suit, but, I’m trying to work on that, so please feel free to call me out on that and I’ll do my best to tone it down.

Who Am I...

Atrix, a Falocross. Basically human-like creatures in tune with their surrounding (usually nature).

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was born in the forest of Euripha, a forest that’s hidden from the outside world and has an unusually high concentration of magic. For a time I was raised by my good for nothing parents, before finally being kicked out at age 10. After that, I traveled around for a bit, staying with anyone who could tolerate my presence whenever I could but leaving before any real bounds were made. Eventually, two years had flown by, and Euripha went under attack by a single being. An Amorphous, powerful beings able to turn into anything and one and gain its or their abilities, they can even combine multiple races and things at once. In just a few days it took out 25% of Euripha.


That’s where my memories come to a stop, I don’t even know what became of Euripha. One day I just woke in a cave filled with flowers made of black ice. Sometimes I think that my memories in Euripha were just a dream, it drives me crazy not knowing, so I’m currently looking for it. I’ve encountered many as I’ve learned of this world, I met Dracius, a vampire prince, a weretiger named Brandon, who helped me defeat 3 monsters in a battle with godizall, then Cherry, a girl who’s very emotional, I don’t completely understand her, then there’s Stella and Faolon, two people who fell in love nearly as soon as they met… at least it seems that way, and Fenrir, a wolfman, don’t know to much about him yet.


Physically stronger than most human, top speed is around 40mph, and has enhanced sight, hearing, taste, and smell.


Race: Falocross – They have knowledge about most of the plants and creature in the environment they live in. The environment a Falocross is born in is the only environment they’ll be in ‘tune’ with (so if they leave their original environment their powers won’t switch to the other environment and instead weaken them. An environment similar to their original would boost their powers just not to the full extent). -Side note, I basically put all the powers a Folacross would have into what powers Atrix has, it just felt weird repeating it.


Powers: Can speak and understand any creature expect undead, can control nature to a degree (for example extending a branch, making flowers bloom, creating a wall of vines), I’m able to pick one type of plant, a single creature, or myself  to make stronger or resistant to certain magic for a time (10 minutes to be exact), and has powerful healing magic.


Power Drawbacks: Can’t turn ‘off’ the speaking and understanding any creatures except undead. While controlling nature takes little to no effort, overdoing it leads to strain on the body, tiredness, and loss of control. Continuing to control nature past this point will result in blood loss, through the ears, eyes, or/and mouth, paranoia, and hallucinations before passing out. During those 10 minutes, I can’t switch between magic resistance and strength up, also I’m not able to switch what magic I or whatever plant or creature I made resistant to until I recast. Finally, the powerful healing takes up a ton of energy so not great for healing minor wounds, and because of that, I can only use it 3 times within a day before passing out.


Personality: Cautious, calm, can be a bit apathetic at times, blunt, gets carried away, and I don’t know the world I’m in too well yet.

My Appearance

5’4″, waist long white hair with a light blue tint, wolf ears and tail, and grayish eyes. Wears a ragged cloak that reaches to the knee, somewhat covering a light brown shirt, dark blue pants, and boots that can take a beating.


I have a canteen that’s halfway full, a mysterious 13inch dagger black in color with a silver lining that glows during a full moon, breaking the dagger will cause her to lose her memories, and telling her about it will cause her to forget that statement, the dagger glows when she forgets, a necklace I found beside me in the cave, and a portal coin given to me by Stag…

My Secrets Are...

Maybe another time…

I Believe...

That my memory wasn't just a dream and Euripha is out there somewhere.