Tyler Iradyum (General of ALL Corp/Founder of Vanguards)


The merged dragon god, leader of ALL Corp Military and the Vanguard Peacekeepers. The controller of the void between dimensions.

Who Am I...

A merged dragon god, trying to do good despite it coming back to bite him in the ass. He loves fighting, music, and making friends. Despite being very sociable he’s also pretty ADHD and says the wrong thing at times, he’s much smarter than he leads people to believe and this shows through his battle and his strategy.

Romantic Interests

None really, open to friends and closeness to others but he doesn’t fare well in an S/O relationship

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Tyler grew up with what appeared to be a normal family life, yet overtime he began to find small clues about his family. Something that hinted at a bigger picture, all while he felt some changes inside of him that seemed off. While he searched for a way to put together the puzzle pieces of his blood and his family, he also focused on his studies. He studied multiple years in college majoring in physics but also studying many other things on the side. He had his teenage love of cars, girls, gaming, and guns, but another thing that he couldn’t get enough of was learning more about the world. He eventually turned to studying mythology, this is where he truly began to study what he would soon become. About a year later Tyler began to start almost sick, he was speaking to his parents for the first time in years when something flashed outside. Tyler keeled over clutching his heart as the most agonizing pain he had ever felt washed over him. His father looked down on him in those last few moments before Tyler blacked out, his form changed to that of a dragon. In his reverberating voice he boomed “love makes us all weak” before abruptly killing the two women right before his vision darkened. He woke alone, in the middle of no where, his body changed, wings sprouting out of his back, the ground charred around him, and tears of rage plastered to his face. As Tyler stared into the sky he spoke in a voice of fury “you coward, you already were weak, you should have taken me not them…you bastard!” He screamed hunting down his father and tearing the last of his family to pieces. Within hellafyno Tyler soon became caught up within a war against the new gods in the age of wonders, the final battle and the gift from the goddess Gaia has unlocked his potential and given him full control of the dragon god.

My Appearance

Tyler has medium length dark black hair, orange dragon eyes, and sharpened teeth that combined with his 6’8 ft 230 lb frame make him an incredibly intimidating individual. His wings are skeletal with a mix of bones and leathery skin stretched over them. He wears a thorn armor suit in combat with a flexible Kevlar like body suit underneath. His casual wear normally consists of normal earth clothing, giving a metalheads look, with dark T-shirts and jeans. His dark hair with an undercut, Sometimes wearing a trenchcoat as well.


Tylers dragon form is a large towering black armored beast. Towering at around the length of an airplane and the size of a decent tower, he can level entire cities in this form.


Tyler has a partial dragon form that he will use at times against large groups of enemies, he grows about 2 more feet in height and becomes even deadlier than in his power masked human form


Tylers full god form was one he vows never to release unless it’s in the defense of hellafyno, as he possesses the capability to destroy whole solar systems. There is no description for it as he only used it once in an unperfected form in the age of wonders


Tyler travels without much normally, using his grasp on voiding to acces the pocket dimension known as Ramoha. This place works as a storage for weapons, instruments, gear, and anything else. The profaned Greatsword, his weapon of choice (a large bronze runic Greatsword that can enhance his fire aura) as well as many other weapons and gear.

His many combat abilities include his main voiding, trademarked by black holes that form when he enters the world. This is used in combat to teleport and grab weapons. He also uses his physical dragon state to grow armor, enhance speed and strength, and be able to fight near endlessly, though it takes a tole on his human body, causing him to take in a lot of calories consistently and sleeping a lot between battle. He has resistance to a lot of damage besides for Ice, Water, Chaos, and corruption.  He has a large magical prowess and can idly cast some of the most powerful forms of spells that wizards or sorcerers may use, even combining the elements and enhancing with soul magic.His main elemental magic is a black flame, it is black due to the perfect combination of black soul (physical) and flame elements. His many Magics include the use of fire and earth affinity, blue soul (a chakra destroying magic), black soul (physical soul force). His trademarked black flame is a mixture of soul and fire. His main source of healing and area attack is his natural smoke. the double edged sword of his attacks as it can heal those he wills it too, and attack those he wills it too. It can cause blindness and asphyxiation. Besides offensive and healing magic he also has some more utlitity based spells such as the afformentioned voiding, vast understanding of languages, runic enchanting and magic property manipulation, and ability to make bonds with creatures to summon them when needed, such as his already established bond with dragons. He is in DND terms a physical fighter, excelling in close combat with fists or any type of weapon, but he is also a combination of a sorcerer (possessing natural draconic powers through growing up with the elder dragon in his soul) warlock (through his bind to become the dragon god and have full power from the elder dragon) and wizard (many of his runic, elemental, and void based spells were learned through his intelligence and perseverance, they were enhanced by the elder dragon)

My Secrets Are...

Tyler has weaknesses against the elements of ice, water, chaos, and corruption. Near his stomach is a black ball of flame that would put his physical body into incapacitation or death if ever fully put out. He is infertile yet somehow has a child by the name of Pandora, a neko/dragon demigod.

I Believe...

That life is hell, but I love it. Why else would I choose to be immortal?