SCP-4697 “K”


A creature with very little known information on it, it somehow leveled the entirety of one of the SCP foundations, unleashing thousands of creatures onto one of the many instances of Earth before vanishing. He is know by his number or by his Alias of K, his old name long since shed.

Who Am I...

SCP class Keter, considered incredibly dangerous and elusive

Romantic Interests

Still quite hard to figure out

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

“This thing, we can’t keep it here, it’s like nothing the foundation has ever seen before!” shouted the scientist, a worry that was easily waved away by the dismissive hand of the general as he took a long drag of his cigar, eyes focused on the rolling snowy mountain scape that lay visible outside the window of his office. The facility lay in some remote location upon the US border to Canada. “What exactly are you so worried about Rodney?” Queries the general in his low and authoritative grumble. “We can easily contain some of the most terrifying things that have ever plagued this earth here, what have you studied that makes this thing so different?” The scientist looked to the floor, body trembling before he looked up “well for one general, the armed squad you sent to nullify him in his cell, they have all either died or are left in a catatonic mental state. The other issue is that you don’t have a scientist working for you named Rodney.” The man continued as his form began to shift. The room around the general changed from a tranquil office, into a hellish mass of black writhing creatures. The general began to scream, a panic soon engulfing him as he realized the very obvious fact that he wasn’t leaving that room. The black mass on the wall turned out to be many small individuals. Insects swarmed around him and begin to tear at his flesh as Rodney’s form shifted into that of a tall demonic creature. Stepped forward as it smirked quite joyfully at its masterpiece. The general tearing at his clothes, ripping and clawing at nothing, as everything he saw was a mere illusion. That was until it decided to finish it, forming it’s arm into a long blade and driving it into the man’s heart.

K was a demon unlike any yet seen among the ranks of hell, being born to the king Asmodeus. He was given a gift at birth, one that set him apart from the hellish monsters around him. He had a mental ability that left every being around him completely open, he could change perception, alter minds, read memories and thoughts, and after centuries of practice, even began to learn to bend the will of the world around him. He soon challenged his father in combat, as was the way of demon-kind. You must strive for infinite power without remorse, so he did not hesitate to slaughter his father in combat and hand his dismembered limbs around his throne. He used the fingers of Asmodeus to form rings that he wore, an action condemned by his people. He reigned as the ruthless king of hell for millennia, but he soon began to feel empathy for the human race, and the demons began to fear him. With fear comes hatred, so they made an attempt to overthrow him. Millions of demons storming the gates of his castle, single handedly he killed them all. He then resigned his position and entered the human realm, leaving the demon realm in a state of chaos. On earth he became curious, altering everyone’s perception to see him as a human like them. He wanted to feel emotion the way they did. He is long from learning what it’s like, but he is making progress.

My Appearance

K has no definite form, he is capable of being perceived as whatever he wants the looker to see, though his normal form tends to be that of a towering goat demon, standing at around 8 feet tall with a satyr-like body, covered in something halfway between fur and armor. It hangs like a cloak at the bottom and his head is a pure and solid goat skull with horns. He is capable of many other forms and the usual one he takes while in the presence of humans is that of a man around 6’3 with a classical look about him. The man seems to be rather pale though he has a well shaped body and is usually seen in some form of suit. Usually that if a business suit with a blood red tie to match his solid red eyes and medium length locks of bright red hair. His true demonic goat form is also ambiguous, as he is a genderless being, choosing a male form as he found it more appealing to his mind state.


He does not have many belongings that he carries around beside his blade, it appears as a ritualistic curved sword that is usually present at the hip of any of his forms. It doesn’t seem to have any specific magical properties yet it seems to enhance itself as well as kreatur when he wields it. The abilities and that he has are shrouded in mystery like many other things about him though he seems to display an incredibly keen sense for mental manipulation, automatically implanting himself in the heads of anyone in his vicinity unless they have the mental prowess and strength to fight him off. When I side someone’s mind he seems to have near free reign of what they see and perceive in all aspects. Being capable of erasing or even changing small sections of memories and turning entire armies against eachother. In physical combat he remains competent, as his constantly morphing body seems to be able to branch out in many ways, his blade further enhancing his abilities when he uses it. He can morph his body in many ways and use it as a weapon, slipping around people and turning his limbs to blades, whips, and even cannons in a way. He seems to have a very defensive fighting style, reversing most attacks and using his nimble form to separate himself or maneuver around enemies, always preferring to deliver a quick killing blow. While most well trained mages and other magic users may be capable of many types of magics, his demonic nature leaves him with n affinity for few, the mental manipulation as well as its reverse ability to soothe and heal is his biggest affinity as well as the offensive use of hell and chaos energy. Both forces that feed on rage, instead of requiring control and practice like many other elements and attacks, they feed on pure rage and manifest as bolts of fiery orange and red with center power cores, like a cell nucleus. His powers of perception are nearly boundless, he can control anything that fails to resist him, while most of his tricks are mere illusions, he can manipulate the natural spirit to his will, he can bend the will of a spell and send it at the caster, he can make a lie so real and believed that it becomes truth. K also has an army of repaired droids, he built them from a small crashed ship he discovered, a remnant of the separatist army. He extracted information from their damaged processors and began to mass generate them once more, though now they are all controlled by his will. They also sort out the archives of information he holds within his head, allowing him to think clearer when they are around. The bone rings he wears from his father Asmodeus allow him to tap into a bit of his fathers gift as well, necromancy. He tends to form bone weapons in combat as well as attack at mid distance with his Hell energy, though he usually isnt involved in physical combat due to his powerful mental ability.

My Secrets Are...

secrets are weird, much like many other emotion based things.

I Believe...

that influence is power and when you can influence a mind, your power is something to be feared.