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Who is Sam?
Samuel “Sam” William Winchester was born May 2, 1983 to his hunter parents, Mary and John Winchester as the younger brother to Dean Winchester. From the very beginning, he was a crucial part of the ‘Yellow-eyed’ demon’s (Azazel’s) plot. Shortly after he was born, the demon Azazel killed their mother who walked in on him feeding Sam his blood. Afterward, Sam and Dean were both raised in the hunting life by their father John. Sam, not wanting the hunter’s life, left to pursue a career in law and most likely would have married his college sweetheart, Jessica Moore, if she had not died in the same way his mother had.


Unfortunately, he was pushed back into it by this event and the disappearance of his father, but has, more or less, continued to try and escape the hunter’s life since the beginning. He is a member of the Man of Letters as well as a hunter along with his older brother Dean. Both are related to the Winchester and Campbell families, the Winchesters a Letter’s family, the Campbells a hunter family.


They also share a bloodline with Cain and Abel. Because of this, both were predestined to be the true vessels of Lucifer (Sam) and Michael (Dean). Over the years, they have faced many strong and dangerous enemies not limited to Lucifer, Crowley and the Lieutenants of both Hell and Heaven. Their most dangerous foe, though, was the darkness that was released when Sam found a way to dismantle the Mark of Cain that was imprinted upon his brother.


When the news came of a child that was meant to be born from Lucifer and a human mother, both Sam and Dean worried over how to kill him. In the process of trying to figure it out, they remembered when Castiel tried to take the Angel’s essence from Sam and realized that if done to the child, the baby would just be a baby. When they discovered where the mother was, along with Castiel, their plan to both trap Lucifer in an alternate reality where Michael had beaten him and to take the Angel’s essence from the child backfired when Lucifer nearly escaped. The child, a strong Nephilim, released a shock wave of energy that closed the portal to the other reality but it also trapped Lucifer and their mother there.


Dean initially wanted to kill the child who had somehow come out a teenager. That was when Sam realized that the boy was not evil and simply needed a better influence than Lucifer was able to offer.




Sam has shaggy brown hair that is longer and smoother in most recent years; he had a fringe as a child and into his earlier years as a hunter. His eye color seems to change; sometimes they appear light green, sometimes they appear brown, etc. In reality, they are brown. He is handsome. Sam is also very tall, 6’4″ having a muscular build with broad shoulders and a muscular chest. This is especially ironic considering that he used to be teased for being short and wiry as a teenager. Like Dean, Sam often wears multiple layers of clothing (namely plaid shirts) as well as jeans and boots. As of late, he has a noticeable short stubble, sort of like Dean.


He has one tattoo, an anti-possession symbol that he has had to get twice, since the first time Castiel removed it so that Crowley could possess him to rid Sam of Gadreel.


He has multiple scars, most of them from previous hunts and injuries.




Sam has been shown to have many sides. He is usually kind, empathetic, intelligent and independent. When it comes to family, he is willing to give everything up, to make deals that endanger himself or the world. In most recent years, Sam has been shown to focus a little more on the world at hand, rather than just family. He is suspicious of strangers, of newcomers alike, though one can gain his trust rather easily given enough time as shown by the way he deals with John, Lucifer’s son.


He is smart, talented and strong. He eats well and Dean has often referred to his choice in diet as ‘rabbit food’ considering it’s not at all like his brother’s. He is very afraid of clowns which doesn’t go over well for him since there have been occasions where cases have involved them. He is the brains of the operation whereas Dean is the muscle and often stockpiles their informational resources so that they have an easier time hunting.


He has remarkable mental power that has been trained both intentionally and unintentionally by Ruby in his younger years and later on when Lucifer tried to possess him. He is driven by his anger when mad, by his feelings of vengeance when someone close to him is hurt. While Dean often tried emulating their father, John, Sam was more like him than Dean ever could be which is why, growing up, Sam often ran into walls when it came to their father.


He is prone to depression and anxiety, letting his feelings of guilt and mourning for those they’ve lost overtake him. He doesn’t show it very often, though.


Unlike his brother, he does not drink very often either.




Due to his training as a hunter by his father, Sam is skilled with firearms and melee weapons. Like Dean, he is skilled in criminal acts, such as lock picking, computer hacking, and car jacking. Both Winchester brothers are excellent shots, and are very skilled at both armed and unarmed combat. It is revealed that John started training the boys when they were quite young, as Sam, at 14 years old, manages to beat a boy twice his size to the ground without much effort. In the first two seasons he is often hesitant about using these skills because of his desire to be a ‘normal’ citizen, however this lessens over time. On two separate occasions, Dean has warned the powerful vampire Benny not to underestimate Sam, as he could and would kill him given the chance. He is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and possesses remarkable physical strength for a human, being able to hold his own and even overpower certain supernatural creatures such as certain types of monsters and lower-level demons. The most recent example being him overpowering a Hellhound and killing it single-handedly. His strength has limits, as he was also overpowered and badly beaten by a teenaged Djinn, however at that time he was weakened from the trials and not at full strength. He is also well-versed in weapons use, from blades to firearms and can kill any creature that is affected by this type of weaponry..


Sam has vast knowledge of the supernatural and is considered an “encyclopedia of weirdness” by Dean. Both of them have some knowledge of pop culture, as they frequently make references – such as Dean calling Sam “Dumbledork”. He is skilled in reading, speaking and memorizes text and spells in foreign languages (usually Latin) and is often stuck with doing the research for their latest hunt. Having learned how to make hex bags from Ruby, Sam also possesses the ability to hide from demons. In season 5, Castiel carved sigils into Sam and Dean’s ribcages, which hides them from angels. Sam is also quick to think on his feet; succeeding in preventing a demon from escaping his vessel by reciting an exorcism chant backwards. He is also shown to have an adequate knowledge of Spanish. Sam is perceptive to body language and can easily pick up on unconscious gestures to read their “poker face” – he is very good at poker. He is an expert tactician, able to fight or diplomatically steer his way out of many complicated situations, and generally prefers to use words instead of brute strength. He also has a great sense of direction and time, at one point being able to find a vampire’s nest while blindfolded by keeping track of the time, the number of turns the car took and the sounds he heard during the journey. Also, soulless Sam was able to simply maneuver himself out of a knotted rope.


Sam has an in-depth knowledge on the workings of various law organizations (FBI, CDC, Police, etc.) enough to pose as one if the situation requires it. Sam is also the technology expert of the duo, as he’s the one doing research and technology-based jobs.


Sam has also demonstrated that he possesses great willpower. Upon seeing something from his past in the Impala, he was able to use his memories to briefly overpower Lucifer’s possession of him and regain control of his body. Even Death himself believed Sam was the only one who could overcome Lucifer, and even thought of it as an honor when he was going to reap him, and all this is saying something. He later replicated this feat with the less powerful Gadreel, though in that scenario he seemed to use his anger as well as his will.


One of his greatest traits is his physical and mental endurance. After his revival and having his soul restored, Sam managed to cope with the mental hallucinations caused by being tortured by Lucifer for several months – at one point staying awake for about four days straight – while remaining a functional hunter, before ultimately starting to cave in. The next year, when undertaking the trials to close the gates of Hell, despite the extreme physical damage and resulting weakness it caused him, Sam still managed to perform some respectable feats, such as knocking Dean unconscious with two punches. While being tortured by Ms. Watt, an expert torturer, Sam didn’t break, stating that after being tortured by Lucifer, there’s nothing they can do to break him. Ms. Watt was impressed and shocked by this, stating that no one could take the amount of pain Sam did and not break. He was also tortured mentally by Lady Toni Bevell and was not only able to see through it, but fake his reaction to it to trick her and attempt an escape.


Sam also expelled Gadreel from his body, but that is a skill all humans possess, as angels need a human’s consent before occupying their bodies.


During Dream a Little Dream of Me, Sam temporarily gained the ability of Dream Walking through African Dream Root which allowed him to enter Dean’s dreams and battle Jeremy Frost. Sam was able to shape the dream similar to Jeremy’s ability to distract and kill him. Bobby suggested that his psychic abilities may have had something to do with this, but Sam didn’t think so.


During the first half of Season 9, he had Superhuman Strength, Angelic Photokinesis and Accelerated Healing Abilities, due to the presence of Gadreel inside his body. However, Gadreel had to take control in order to use his Angelic powers. This was seen when the Shaman cut Sam’s throat, Gadreel instantly took control & regenerated the damaged tissue within a few seconds, before handing Sam back his bodily control. Even without Gadreel in control, Sam’s extensively damaged physiology was able to operate at peak efficiency. Vesta managed to scan Sam’s body and pointed out that his body cannot possibly be alive, as it is nothing but “ducktape and safety pins inside”. This was due to Gadreel’s presence inside him, slowly healing the damage done to his body as well as healing himself.


When the shapeshifter was fighting Sam in “Skin,” it was luminously obvious that he was trying when fighting him, even though he had super strength. After taking a semi rough beating from Jake in “All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 1,” Sam was able to kick him around with just one foot, and also later into the fight, with just one arm. When two ghouls tore into him in “Jump the Shark,” Sam lost a ton of blood but he was able to retain consciousness and it didn’t do any permanent damage. Sam was able to outwit a nine-hundred year old witch in poker in “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester,” when Dean and even Bobby couldn’t. In “…And Then There Were None,” Sam spotted a tripwire when Rufus, Bobby and Dean didn’t see it.




It is a common misconception that Sam uses a chromed Beretta 92FS loaded with silver rounds. However, it has been officially stated by Christopher Cooper that it is a Taurus Model 99 (though it appears in most shots to be a Model 92, which is a bit thicker around the trigger guard than the Beretta) with mother-of-pearl grips. It is a standard 9mm with a 10-round magazine. When he was soulless, Sam utilized a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Model 0. The boys do own a blue steel Beretta 92, but it is predominantly used by Dean in the series. Sam also uses a pistol grip 4-shelled 12 gauge shotgun loaded with rock salt. Sam often uses close range weapons while Dean seems to prefer the longer range weapons. Sam also uses Ruby’s demon-killing knife, after taking it from her. During the latter seasons, both he and Dean start to employ angel blades, taken from dead angels when they turn against the Host of Heaven.



Danger Ranger – Sam met Danger by accident and Dean’s design when he visited the Blue Moon Tavern on Hellifyno in search of his brother who went to the bar only to not return that night. When Dean proved busy, tired and hungover, he admitted that he had already mentioned Sam on several occasions to Danger and then left the two alone.. It only took a few beers and conversation for the two to strike up a connection that ended with the two of them going out, being attacked by some demons in the local vicinity and then for the two to spend more time together.


That connection led from one thing to another and the two have frequently been ‘friendly’ with one another whenever Sam comes to town since he knows where she lives and what one or two of her haunts are. She is Sam’s second voyage into interaction with someone who isn’t human and while she certainly intrigues him, he’s unsure of what to make of it since most relationships with non-human counterparts don’t work out in his history. Especially if they are dating or into him. However, Danger has admitted that if she had to settle down and only be with one person, it could be Sam but that remains to be seen if the two interact any further with one another.

Romantic Interests

Maybe in the works, who knows?

Relationship Status

Interested and involved with Danger Ranger, the Hellifyno Goddess of Thunder