Grimina cane

Who Am I...

Grimina cane aka night dragon aka the unspoken one

Romantic Interests

The haunter

My Story Is...

Grimina cane Was born in a very wealthy family. She had one sibling (sister) and two parents. Her sister was always the one to get the attention and grimina would feel left out. One day she stumble upon a very old bottle, might have belong to creatures in the begging of time. She picks it up and opens it releasing a very powerful demon. The demonic presence floated around her and then filled her (possessing her). That day grimina never returned and years went on with her. The demon inside her bounded with her and grimina wakes up. She looks around and saw that everything had changed and her family had become mayors of her hometown. She instantly was filled with hatred and so she went to the town and she killed everyone there. Even her own family. Now she full demon. After meeting the haunter she finds out more of her past and finds that she is the night dragon.




cosmic power

dark energy

fire element

I Believe...

In darkness