Shannon Everston

Intro Video



Father:Fredrick Red

Shannon's Father

Mother:Donna Red
Shannon's Mother

Elder Sister:Kenize Red
Shannon's Elder Sister

Niece:Greta Red

Nephew:Mordecai Red

Younger Brother:Derrick Red
Shannon's Younger Brother

Spiritual Spouse:Stacy Everston [Fallen]
Widowed Wife

Elder Daughter:Gold Everston
Shannon's Daughter

Spouse:Ashley Everston
Shannon's Youngest Daughter

Daughter:Amethyst Everston

Who Am I...

The Chancelloress Of The Republic Of Everston

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Ashley Everston

My Story Is...

July 17th

I was born as Shannon “Destiny” Red on July 17th 20XX to the Red Household which included: My Parents and Older Sister

2nd Student..

I originally was trained to inherit the role of Head Of The District Of Issy royal guard by my father, while my brother was soon be trained

However I started to talk to a girl via Bird

Shift Of Plans

I was talking to this girl for over a year and a few months when I one day, told my father I wanted to chase after love and give my younger brother the chance of inheriting the position.

At this point my mother’s told me to start keeping a Journal about how my relationship is going

Pushing Fowards

I met this girl, Stacy Everston (Bloodfang At The Time) who was the adopted daughter of a corrupt goddess..

We had many fun months till I broke the new with the news of our child called Gold Everston (Bloodfang at The Time)

Who we decided to have a influenced marriage however, I died then Stacy died..leaving me with the kid..after I had come back and Naos came to help me through hard times [He has been for the last 12 years <3]

Pulling Together

Me and Gold would hide away for a few years under the allias surname of McStacia from the true cruel wave of Ruby Bloodfang

However it didn’t last forever when I finally decided to pull together everything that Stacy’s Blood Family made, bringing Naos and Dr Albert Wesker with me then position of Chancelloress Of The Republic Of Everston


My Appearance


Given Name:Shannon

Middle Name:Destiny


Maiden Name:Red


Birth Certificate Date:7/17/XX




Abittles:Brainwashing and Corruption



Eyes:Sapphire Blues


Hair/Eyebrows/Eyelashes:Dark Brown

Hair Sizes:Long/Long/Short

Nose Shape:Void Turn

Mouth Lipshade:Purple


Stacy’s Jacket

White and Red Stripped Shirt

Black Jeans

White Socks

Twilight Sandals

•Work Outfit•

Red Dress

White Tights

Short Heels




My Journal [Me & Stacy Relationship]

Stacy’s Armor [Jordan made]

The Spiritual Guidance [My Sword]

The Republic Of Everston Weaponry Gem Commucations

My Secrets Are...

I live with my step mom and deem others who are not loyal family such as traitorous family, rivals and acquaintances shall not know my secrets


I Believe...

We all shall one day awake with everyone back from the dead