Detective Ryan


*a robot goes to fire its metallic hand cannon when a dagger stab into it, electrifying the entire robot making its battery fry and it fell over. Another that was much bigger than a human, a mammoth of a being went to slam a hammer onto an innocent child paralyzed with fear. With a blue light around the child it disappeared with a second before the hammer slammed down. The view shifts to a skinny five foot six blond male with obvious irish roots. His black jacket rustles with the kinetic energy released from the hammer pound. Dust and particles fly towards him. He huddles down, his black and white converses gripping into the ground as he puts his body as a shield in front of something. When he stands up and moves to the right, the innocent child is safetly standing there. He turns back to the robot. Putting a small smile on his face as he readies for an attack.* “Do you rustbuckets think you can take on lightning?” He says this as he runs towards the robot, as the robot swings horizontally towards the teleporter. The blue light appears again this time the leaving light of where the teleporter’s previous position was and it disappears with tenth of a second and reappears at the same amount of time behind the robot in the air above it’s head. He reappears there and as he falls, the electric dagger that was in the disabled robots hand has flown back into his hand, just as he stabs it into the robot’s neck. The electric goes all throughout the robot and he teleports again, grabbing the child and teleporting a safe distance away. As he stands with his back to the robot as it shorts out, it blows up, which makes him protect the child again. when it dissipates he stands up and smiles at the kid.* “Stay in school kid” *He teleports to an unknown location, his apartment where he lays in his bed tired, his teleporting takes life energy. He lifts his shirt to reveal a scar on his stomach, except it was not an ordinary scar it was completely invisible, see through and his hand would go right through him. He sits up in bed, a ghostly figure appears next to him, her face showed disappointment and worry on it.* “You can’t keep doing this “hero stuff Ryan, its killing you” *He gets upset as if they had this conversation before.* “Yeah I know what you think Nikki but if I don’t do this I won’t be the only one dying.” *The ghost disappears and he plays his futuristic television, which is a news report of him and the reporter states how there have been quite a few bounties and law enforcement agencies in the universe that desire this “Ghost” character dead or alive”

Who Am I...

I am a college student that can't seem to catch a break

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Ugh where do all stories begin? Well if your answer was in the womb you would be right. Although my story doesn’t have meaning until after I die. You see I am a resurrected soul given life by an obscure Goddess of Justice and was given a dead body to inhabit. Along with the body I still have a connection to my ghostly plane, so I am able to create portals and change to a ghost form. I am the soul of a 18 year old who was given the body of a 21 year old criminal. I do attend college, and thankfully most people don’t even recognize me, those that do get a startling realization.

My Appearance

short dirt blond hair, skinny small frame, 5 foot 6, blue eyes, and fair skin.

Wears a black jacket with the sleeves up to the elbows, a galaxy t-shirt underneath, black jeans and black and white converses.


A wallet with license, my work pay and sometimes carries headphones around, black Samsung phone.

My Secrets Are...

To be left at the grave

I Believe...

Everyone has the right to live and to be shown love