Det. Nick Valentine



An unusual robotic detective, Nick Valentine operates a small agency in Diamond City along with his assistant Ellie Perkins. In addition to possessing the memories of a late pre-War detective, Nick has certain abilities that compliment his investigative skills: he is very effective at hacking computers and is adept at both ranged and melee combat. Valentine believes himself to be a prototype between second generation synths and third generation synths, which would explain his intelligence, and not being innately hostile towards non-Institute humans. He is generally well respected throughout Diamond City, despite his mysterious origins.
Originally, along with another synth named DiMA, the synth that would become Nick Valentine was one of two unique prototype Gen 2 synths used to test if and how synths could handle independent thinking. For years, he was experimented on, having various personalities and memories from former humans loaded into him. Despite this, he and DiMA grew a family-like bond to one another, due to being the first and only synths of their kind. This was until DiMA, having been an experiment on a synth developing its own sense of consciousness without preloaded personalities or memories, grew to resent the experiments being performed on him and his ‘brother’. The two synths managed to escape, but not before the Institute uploaded a new personality and memories in Nick. The synth, identifying himself as a pre-war police officer named Nick Valentine, in a state of confusion due to waking up 200 years in the future, attacked DiMA. DiMA had no choice but to knock him out and leave him behind to awaken to a brave new world. After regaining consciousness in a pile of garbage an unknown amount of time later, Nick wandered into the wasteland in a state of confusion for several weeks.
Due to unfamiliarity with the Institute and its technology, most wastelanders regarded Nick with equal parts fear and awe; however, he was eventually accepted into a small local community where a mechanic offered to repair the damage he sustained during his travels. The community was the first time since his reawakening that anyone treated Nick as a human being and not some mechanical monstrosity.
Nick eventually found himself traveling to Diamond City. Although Diamond City holds no small amount of hatred for the Institute and their synths, Nick gained their respect by saving the daughter of the city’s former mayor, Henry Roberts, when she ran away with a caravan trader. The caravan trader and his companions were, unbeknownst to the girl, actually kidnappers who proceeded to take her hostage. Nick stumbled upon the kidnappers, purely by accident when he was wandering the Commonwealth wasteland. Finding himself held at gunpoint, and likely the girl’s only hope, Nick scared the abductors away by claiming he had a bomb inside of him and making a beeping noise.
When the Mayor’s daughter told Nick what happened, he returned her to her father, who in turn gave him a house in Diamond City as compensation despite the citizens’ dismay and objections; Nick gradually eased the citizens’ fears by acting as Diamond City’s handyman. His formidable detective skills were brought to the forefront by helping find a wife who was thought dead but had instead run away with a lover. In time, people stopped asking Nick to fix things when it became clear he had found his true calling as Diamond City’s private investigator.

The Original Nick Valentine
Nick Valentine was originally a detective from Chicago. He was brought to Boston to lead “Operation Winter’s End,” an operation to bring down a mob boss named Edward Winter. Unfortunately, Winter or one of his associates managed to find Nick’s fiancée Jennifer Lands and killed her in revenge for Nick’s involvement in the operation.
The BADTFL received intelligence of associates of Winter discussing her whereabouts, but senior officers decided not to place Jennifer or Nick into witness protection to avoid compromising the investigation. To make matters worse, Nick and the rest of his task force discovered that Winter was actually working for the BADTFL and the district attorney against other mob bosses in exchange for immunity.
In the weeks preceding the fall of the bombs, Winter was released and Operation Winter’s End was disbanded. Nick was ordered to seek treatment for PTSD at the Cambridge Institute of Technology, where his brain would be scanned as part of the treatment. He was unaware that he would become the synth he is today.

(Canonical divergence starts here)
In the year of 2016, after solving the missing persons case for some tourists, Nick was invited to come to their world and see what he thought of the place. After meeting a girl of his dreams, Nick decided that he liked it, more than liked Persistence and Hellifyno. The saucy dame that stole his heart was a gal by the name of Jane Doe, and she was the femme fatale that had his heart tangled in those perfectly manicured fingernails, and she loved him. Together they married, and had two beautiful children (the explanation of which, Nick doesn’t explain to even his closest friends) and adopted a third. She really was his partner in crime.
In the early February of the following year, the anniversary of when he came to the planet for the first time in fact, his wife disappeared without a trace. Heartbroken and angered, Nick grieved and struggled to care for his three children, but he was never alone, thanks to the friends he had made at the Red Sun Inn.
He would never discover what really happened to Jane until August. A vengeful woman behind an entire sex trafficking ring lured Jane from the house and killed her, and she tried to kill Nick too in vengeance of the damage Jane and Nick had done to her business. Amida was his saving grace in that…

Things to know before traveling with Nick Valentine:
He is widowed, but single if you happen to catch his eye. He is bisexual.
Nick enjoys selfless acts of kindness, sympathizing with others, and just being helpful in general. He finds computers intriguing and enjoys watching others solve puzzles as he does, especially with things like hacking. He does not care for smartass remarks, and will shoot them right back at you. He firmly believes that justice is important and will hold you to it.
Nick dislikes greedy or aggressive behavior. He loathes stealing, and will leave your companionship if he sees you murdering someone. Cannibalism is just gross. While he himself doesn’t mind the occasional cigarette or glass of scotch, he disapproves of those that go overboard with it.