devin herr

Who Am I...

a demi-god of Poseidon- former goddess

Romantic Interests

both male and female's

My Story Is...

Growing up my mom and I never got along. She said I was a disappointment after I introduced her to my first girlfriend. After that I moved in with my dad and life kinda went on from there.

My Appearance

Demi-god form: I stand at a height of 5″8′ and have a deep tan due to my parentage. I have a couple piercings and tattoos, I’m fit and have short brown hair with blue dye, freckles, glasses, and dark brown eyes.

Goddess form: I stay at the same height and keep the deep tan. I have a couple tribal tattoos on my arm but my piercings are gone. I have the same fit body and long hair with sea green and blue mixed in through the brown, sea green eyes, no freckles or glasses.

My Secrets Are...

I can control the winds, talk to sea creatures, transform into any human or animal, charm speak, and manipulate water. (I can do these from blessings from the gods and goddess’s)

My worst enemy is Athena and I found out Ares is actually really kind.