syxella blackheart drow maid

Intro Video

Who Am I...

A loyal drow maid

Romantic Interests

Too my owner

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born too house blackheart syxella was born too be of the lower cast and thus was too serve Her betters,  taught at a young age Her role in drow society

Taughtby the priestess syxella learned too fight cook clean and service in general the model maiden protector, when braught before the great spider she was set aside too undergo “the binding”, taken too a chamber she was “marked” a spider web graced Her upper back as a tattoo with a spider in the center.

Years pass until one fateful day theyre city had been attacked by a group of surface adventurers who managed too overthrow the priestesshood and take the city.  Syxella like the other binded now served the new rulers “might makes right in drow society” after a few days syxella found herself inside of a market on display and ready too for her fate

Rp starts, will you save me from my fate I keep me in binds?

My Appearance

Standing little under five feet with dark ebony skin and piercing eyes that change in color with her mood with long white hair

When given an order syxellas eyes glow with blue energy as she the magic that binds Her activates


Nothing but what im given

My Secrets Are...

I hope I meet a kind owner..

I Believe...

I am whatever I am needed too be