Comrade Belikov



Mentor to Rose Hathaway whilst working for St. Vladimir’s Academy. Dhampir ( half vampire, half human) protecting Moroi against the Strigoi (Dimitri used to be a Strigoi until Spirit magic changed him back)
Dimitri is level headed in high pressure situations and is quick to think on his feet as well, with the help of Rose and her “surprise” sneak attacks.



Dimitri does have two sisters and his mother. Not so much a father as his father likes to hit his mother, when he was ten he liked to hit his father. Dimitri admitted to Rose that instead of throwing himself in front of the princess, he would throw himself in front of Rose. He does have strong feelings for her, regardless of the rules for the Academy and their age differences.

Who Am I...

Comrade Dimitri Belikov

Romantic Interests

Rosemarie Hathaway

Relationship Status


My Story Is...



Dimitri is the only son of Randall and Olena. Randal being royal Moroi; he liked to hit Olena. When Dimitri was old enough he liked to hit him and that was last time Randall hit Olena. Dimitri then attended St. Basil’s where he excelled in awards and honours under the teachings of his mentor, Galina.




After graduation he was assigned to guard Ivan; Dimitri, Ivan and another guardian go on holiday however Ivan and the other guardian were killed by Strigoi. Dimitri was then sent to America where he investigated the missing girls; princess Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway. He then tracked them and brought them back to St. Vladimir’s Academy. He then shortly fell in love with Rose. Attempting to hide his feelings from her due to his position at the academy and his age; he remained professional to Rose 


My Appearance
  1. Dark chocolate brown hair with dark chocolate eyes
    Standing 6’7

his attire consisting of a duster, long trousers with a black long sleeve shirt.

He mostly wears a black tank top or black long sleeve shirt with black cargo pants.


UV light

Silver stake

My Secrets Are...

Strigoi turned dhampir by spirit