• -I walked into Aiyana’s room and paused to look around in order to ensure that she wasn’t here before making my way to her desk to place the note one of the mini Dimis had written and asked me to deliver. They

  •        Recently, Aiyana approached me, asking if I would help her practice her magic. Her father insisted that she did. I am not surprised Alex’s det

  •    “I think I am in love” I said, sliding into a chair at the table that my friends and I usually sat at during meals.

       “Really?” Michael said in a tone that screamed disbelief.

        I was not surprised or of

  • Entry two
          It is said that one can tell a lot about a person based on where they live. Of course, the same thing can be said about anything else. From our favorite foods to the books we enjoy; everything is

  •                                        Before the Fall
    When I first came into existence I was called Gabriel. I was a denizen of heaven. An Angel.  I do not remember my parents. They were gone from my life lon

  • A note from Dimitri’s player, also know as an out of character note or ooc note:When I first noticed that we had the ability to post blog post I knew that I would utilize that ability. I just was uncertain how. I