DJ 5tr1ng

Intro Video


At the present moment, I’m not recording, I’m not on tour and I never had a song go to number one on Beatport
I’ve never been featured on Junodownload or Track-it-down. I’ve never released vinyl

But what I do know is that I’ve been listening to electronica for many years
And I have every right to speak my mind against the fabricated music that is being released on a daily basis
It’s absolutely appalling

All these people think that, if you’re on the Beatport top ten, you’re making something out of yourself, well you’re making a mockery out of electronic music
I am a producer, and I come from the underground, and I’m quite frankly, I’m sick and tired
And I’m here to go on these rants on message boards, because I know I will never amount to anything, and I need to make myself feel better
So when I’m not high on cocaine, I will sit in front of this computer til the cows come home
And continue ranting and raving about artists that are actually living out their dream
‘Cause I never will!

Who Am I...

Masked DJ Extraordinaire

Romantic Interests

Hard with Style

My Story Is...

Nothing is known of this masked musician. They are known only by the mask they wear and the music they produce. Not like they could tell you anyway, being mute. They communicate entirely through gesture and the universal language of music.

Regardless of no one knowing anything about who the hell they are, they will show up if for no other reason than to share the wonders of music! From Happy Hardcore to Dubstep, From Hardstyle to Trance, House to Drum & Bass… It will all be yours to be given!

They have only one goal… to be the Supreme DJ/Electronica Producer of Hellifyno and Beyond! Or maybe just pay the bills that would be swell.

My Appearance

Thin and of somewhat below average height. The little bit of skin that shows reveals they are Caucasian, and moisturize vary well. Due to their style of dress, it is impossible to know their sex. And due to their mute nature, they cannot and/or choose not to comment on their gender identity.

The only consistencies are thematic. A large, concealing mask or helmet covers the head. Cartoonish, round “cute” features are most common, and occasionally “creepy cute”. Occasionally hair is put on display (often brightly color and in a wild variety of different styles) but it is unclear if this is natural hair, a wig, or something completely different. If their head is exposed, they will invariably be wearing massive over-ear headphones.

Most commonly they are dressed in a long black coat with various neon colored trim and often a comically high collar, as well as Phat Pants (long pants that flair out at the bottom to conceal the feat, typically associated with Hardstyle electronica and Melbourne Shuffling). Beneath the coat they often wear novelty tshirts with cartoon mascots, electronic artists they enjoy, or various phrases like “meh.” or “Sometimes things get…whatever.” Their shoe choice is generally simple skater shoes, though occasionally they wear boots. Their gloves are invariably fingerless, and often their only exposed skin. Various bits of jewelry such as chains, chokers, rings, and other knick knacks are common.


Records, because they’re HIP!
Plushies incase of surprise naps.
Weaponized Bass
Sick Melbourne Shuffling Power

My Secrets Are...

Am I simply one person… or many under the same mask?

I Believe...

Close your eyes and open your mind.