D'loki to-Vensre


D’loki to-Vensre is based on a species created by author Janet Kagan in the book Uhura’s Song. This enchanting Star Trek novel can be purchased in more than one format here:

Uhura’s Song (Star Trek No 21)

Who Am I...

A Sivaoan

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Pretty Lazy was the father of my last two litters.

My Story Is...

I am searching for the slavers who stole more than 250 of my people and killed 70 more, and for my kidnapped people as well. The slavers took six of my children!

My Appearance

A black cat standing 6 feet when upright. Silver eyes, black pupils. Fur is short but tail is plumed. Lean and lithe.


A backpack with necessities, mostly knives and usefuls, which are hand-woven cloths both beautiful and versatile. They can be used as raincoats (they are waterproof), blankets, to make tents or hammocks or bridges – useful, indeed.

I Believe...

I will find my children