Doctor Reid



  • No one liners
  • No God modding
  • Dont force my character to do anything; ask before you do
  • If you want to erotically role play you have to be 18+
  • keep ooc for ooc
Who Am I...

A doctor

Romantic Interests

Men and Women

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

At a very young age, Talia knew what it was she wanted to do; save people. Growing up in the thicket of Hollywood, she watched people around her decay from drugs, street crime, diseases, mainly in homeless people. Every day when the girl walked the streets, her hand clutched tightly in her mother Marion Reid’s hand, she watched with wide blue eyes as men and women cried and coughed, over whelmed by sickness. “Mommy why can’t we help them?” She’d always ask. The look of revulsion on her mother’s face always made her cringe. “They don’t need help baby.” But they did.

The older Talia got, the more the desire to help grew. She found herself pouring over medical books, Wikipedias’, all sorts of websites, all to better understand the science behind medicine. Did she want to be a surgeon? A pediatrician? A paramedic? She was unsure of what she actually wanted to be, but she knew she just HAD to help.

In highschool, she took chemistry, biology, anatomy, organic chemistry. Struggling to figure out what she wanted to do. But she found she wanted to do them all. So, she went to college to be a trained field nurse. After that, she went for phlebotomy. Then to be a surgeon. And even though everyone said she couldn’t, she did it. By twenty four, Talia Reid was an O.R. oversight, a physician, and taking blood for all sorts of people. By twenty six, she’d preformed so many successful surgeries, she held the record. Never had a patient died on her table and one never will. Skilled with a scalpel, and steady with her hands she was an ideal surgeon.

Not only was she successful in the medical field, shes also trained in self defense. Able to shoot a gun, agile, quick, and smart, the woman is a.. well.. free lance lance mercenary. Just without the killing. On the side, she goes to people, threatens them, roughs them up, and then sends them to her hospital. Pretty ingenuis right?

My Appearance

She has long, brown locks of chestnut tresses, bright, unearthly blue eyes, and beautiful, fair skin, with freckles across her nose. Commonly she can be seen in a blouse, an A-line skirt, heels, and a lab coat.