The Doctor and The Mortician


Name: Dr. Frauke Engel (Right) Coco LaPadite (Left)
Ages: 23 & 27
Bio: Frauke Engel is the youngest of Engel siblings and the most distant to her older Brother and Sister. She’d left their clinic to go and work with a charitable organization to help the efforts being made in the war torn slums. This is where she met her partner, Coco LaPadite. A lone Mortician who needed a tetanus shot from the doc after being stabbed with a rusty nail. LaPadite was actually enthusiastic about dying from her wounds, but her supervisor wouldn’t have it. So Dr. Engel was to treat the woman, and sure enough.. after a long conversation and a lunch date, the two were inseparable. How they began work with the maidens…? Now… that’s a different story.