Domine vampire

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

She's romantically involved and pursuing a new home with Creb'aidin

My Story Is...

Fayena was originally an Avarial Elf betrothed to a ranking member in her home Mountain Kingdom.  She ran away and joined a new Kingdom to live out her own life.  The winged elf married her first love Cutter Pendragon. Cutter was a demon that usually presented himself as a grey skinned, and leathery winged male with white hair.  Their daughter (Silma) is half shifter demon and half avairal elf.
Fayena continued to live happily with Cutter until he left her for another woman. Devastated she’d almost committed suicide, but a vampire by the name of Vanniver Thomas (a Ventrue), sired the elf upon her death bed. Fayena is Antidiluvian.  For a number of years they hunted, ate and slept together.   Until again her lover left, this time though Vanniver went to ground.
Her third Companion ( and most beloved ) was a Hybrid Draconic mage by the name of Merric Drakmord. No other had quite enraptured her Vampiric passions and appetites such as him.   The vampiric elf took the Draconian as her mate and the pair had many adventures together. When he was alas called away, he plane walked never to return to the castle home.

My Appearance

Fayena had spent the last ten years isolated in the upper spire of the guard tower .
Most of the populace had left the realm or migrated on to inhabit the newly discovered continent. Few of her friends remained and her husbands were not to be found.  The first husband Cutter Pendragon had left with his adultress lover. Vanniver Thomas , her sire, had gone to ground, and her late draconian mate had literally plane walked , never to return.

The Vampriss stood at a height of 5’6 with burnt blonde hair, almond shaped silvery eyes, and white feathery wings.  Of late, she looked rather aged due to the lack of humanoids in the nearby territory. It wasn’t often she had to feed at her age, but nearby vitae was getting harder to come by. This evening the armored Vampriss descended the cold grey stone steps of her tower. One would hear the cold clack of her feet as the armor grazed over the course stone. She wasn’t purposely dragging her feet, but her limbs felt heavy.

Her outward appearance wasn’t as youthful looking as it could of been when she hadn’t had fresh blood.
The shafts of the feathers of her white wings were tender and cracked. One could see the crow’s feet around her eyes and the laugh lines around her mouth. Her burnt blonde hair wasn’t as vibrant, but a dull blonde.


The below image is general representation of Fay in Armor, though this does not contain her Wings

Fay in armor.JPG

My Secrets Are...

Humans aren’t her preference for a meal or a relationship, though she will feed on almost anything to restore her strength. Her previous relationships were with a demon, a vampire sire, and a draconian.

Not looking for any side PMs for play-  Please don’t ask right now