kaz is a floofball.


Hey if you wanna rp just pm me or find me in Red Sun. I’m free most of the time!

Kaz would like frens.

FtM trans irl. Jus thought I would clear anything up, or if you were jus curious!

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Asexual, panromantic

Relationship Status

Single. Wants some snugs..

My Story Is...

I ran away when I was a dog from my owner. I fell into a strange substance and awoke to be some form of dog mutation. Some people will be more important to me, as I might see them as my owner(s). Being given a collar just seals this, and cements it. Will protect owner(s) or friends with own life.

My Appearance



102 lbs

Salmon pink hair in a mohawk style

Thick Blue fur with navy blue spots

Salmon tail, much floof

Septum pierced

Looks chubby, but I swear, its ((mostly)) just floof

Blackout eyes, with yellow irises.



Satchel that keeps a notebook and pencil as well as art supplies.

My Secrets Are...

Was abused pretty badly from the owner I ran away from. I’ll never admit it, though.

I Believe...

It will be okay in the end