Annika D. Yatsuki

Intro Video


Name:Annika “Donna” Yatsuki


Arrival Day:Saturday, December 8th 209X

Generation:Recovery [208X-210X]

Mental Health:Gender Dysphoria

Motherland:Asteroid Falls

Occupation:Heir To The Rule Of Asteroid Fall

Supernatural Talents:Emissions and Mirrors



Birth Mother:Svylia L. Yatsuki

Grandma:Unknown [Deceased]

Aunt:Skye K. Vailson

Cousin:Esther Vailson

Cousin In-Law:Faith Luciferson

Cousin:Jack Vailson

Cousin In-Law:Lycan Vailson

Aunt:Stacie A. Yatsuki

Aunt:Susan J. Skymoon

Cousin:Sky M. Skymoon III

Cousin:Shelly Skymoon

Grandma:Alisha Mistylock

Main Mom:June M. Yatsuki [Fr. Summeroses]

Aunt:Miley Summeroses

Uncle:Wyne Summeroses

Cousin:Pedro Summeroses

Cousin:Petra Summeroses

Sister:Zoey Yatsuki

Brother:Luke Yatsuki


Who Am I...

Heir To Duchess Of Asteroid Falls

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dating Kara

My Story Is...

Born to the unwell-known Svylia Yatsuki and the well renowned June Yatsuki, who had assisted with finishing up the efforts to recreate the world known as Earth-ACH1 into the landmass that was gifted to our family by my parents marriage

Annika grew up believing the throne would be passed to her younger sister, Zoey, however at the age of 13, June revealed that she wished for her oldest to succeed as her heir

From that day fourth Annika began to plan her rule as Annegrand was still being rebuilt after the Battle that Voilettes had done

Recently, Annika had the honor of fighting in the final battle of the Emporium War:II leading one of the many units of Asteroid Falls into combat

Although now the young lady has found herself love with a demon princess of a hell, her name being Kara

My Appearance


Genetics:Purple Hair/Green Eyes, Standing At 6’1ft


Causal:Annika normally wears a brown cloak, underneath she wears whatever she wants

Ruling:Annika wears a steampunk captain outfit for a girl, with a small flag badge of Asteroid Falls’ Flag

Fancy:Annika wears blue and white dress that was given to her by her mom [June]

Warm:Annika just wears a magenta sundress and a beach hat with sunglasses

Cold:She wears a leather jacket underneath her brown robes

Armor:Reinforced Steel Armor



The Unforgiving Flood [Energy Sword]

The Gem Guardian [Plasma Shield]


Asteroid Falls Commucation Bracelet

My Secrets Are...

Not everyone is who they appear to be, but let girls have there secrets

I Believe...

Beauty can be created from ashes