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By the time many students near the end of their bachelor’s degrees, they’ve already taken out thousands of dollars in student loans. Some might be lucky enough to get a four-year scholarship, but that too will likely have run out by the end of their annotated bibliography example mla¬†degree. With a pile of debt hanging over their heads, and the prospect of paying for the next four years to get their doctorate still ahead of them, students are left to wonder if they can even afford medical school at all. Read on to find out how much it will cost.

How Much Does Medical School Cost?

If you’re an in-state student planning to go to a public medical school, your fees will likely average about $25,000 a year. Private schools cost nearly double that amount, averaging $42,000 for residents, while non-resident students can look at a whopping $48,000 in annual tuition. Keep in mind that these numbers will vary depending on the school you want to go to.

How Much is the MCAT?

The Medical School Admission Test (MCAT) fee is a flat $253 as of 2012. This covers the cost of the exam and score submission to schools. However, late fees and other charges can increase this number.

Can You Get Financial Aid for Medical School?

Graduate students are still eligible for federal financial aid, including Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, and state-specific grants. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online at the FAFSA website, and contact your school to see what aid you may be eligible for.

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What Scholarships are Available for Medical Students?

A wide variety of scholarships are available for medical school students from all walks of life. A great place to start is by applying to scholarships from the American Medical Association. Your school may also offer a scholarship program, so check early to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.