Charlotte "Dove" Anderson

Who Am I...

My name is Charlotte Anderson, but i'm most commonly known as Dove. I am a 26 year old American female prostitute.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Appearance

Appearance: I currently have mid-back length, obsidian black hair with honey brown eyes. I am 5’4′ in height without my boots and I weigh 134 lbs. I have quite a slim physique with lightly tanned, soft skin. But, although I am quite skinny, I can still hold my own if needed to.

Outfit: My main outfit consists of a black cris cross, two-piece bandage dress with red laced underwear beneath, and knee-high leather high-heel boots. I would be good to note that with my boots, my height comes to 5’6′.  I prefer to wear maroon lipstick with dark blue glitter, or dark brown smokey, eye shadow. I tend to wear my diamond jewelry set along with my gold cobra earring which is located on my left ear.


I carry around a light brown fur purse which contains makeup, condoms, breath mints, cigarettes, a flask, and a small, black-handled switchblade.

I Believe...

The world is cruelly unfair.