Who Am I...

A dragon Knight. Apureblood dragon

Romantic Interests

He is open to the idea

Relationship Status


My Appearance

This man stands at 6ft 5 inches and is clad in varcanium armor. Long dark brown hair dons his head wore in a warrior’s ponytail. Under the armor is a body built by the gods. His cloak is black with what looks like a dragon’s eye in the middle. His belt has a dragon insignia on the buckle. At his right hip hangs a hammer with a mallet head that is used for battle. His face has a full medium length beard that is tied down in two parts in a common Celtic tie with beads. His eyes are green like jade.




Brúiteoir sléibhe (mountain crusher His hammer. No hand but his can call it or wield it. It has an Earth affinity)

A grand master level of a warlock. Master of Elements. Learning sub elements (I.E Lightning, lava and vapour)

Armour disc that folds and unfolds armor to his entire body, the helmet appears on command.

Large almost infinite amounts of gold and gems.

A grimoire that he has made.

All things besides the gold are imbued with his blood and only work with him and would only work with his offspring

A flute that he can conjure or pull from his coat if he wears it