Lucien (Dead inside)

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Who Am I...

i'm who I am. I lived died and now I live again

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My Story Is...

His father was a ruthless man. Willing to do whatever it took to get his way. Lucien is one of those means by which his father maintains his control. Bitten at a young age, Lucien showed great skill, strength, and control. But his father wanted more. He started to experiment on Lucien, causing extreme growth acceleration. In less than a year he was double the size of any other Lycan, but at a cost. Lucien was scared for life. What his father did haunts him to this day. Now he wanders the umber planes seeking any company to drown out the world. He hears music so magical that he yearns to meet the one who sings it.

My Appearance

black, brown eyes, and hair. i have a black trench coat. with army boots, and jeans, and a black armor shirt. When turned hus eyes go blood red. This is the first change, followed by the teeth then the full transformation



My Secrets Are...

my secrets. You’ll have to do something to get them out if you want to hear them

I Believe...

trust is easy to break, but takes a lifetime to earn