Tracy guerra

Who Am I...

Dragon King Excaver

Romantic Interests

Depends if it doesnt kill me nor my friends

My Story Is...

I lived in a royal family in a planet near earth called monglazia, I’m a Dragosin type of Monglazian, but now to the story when I was young I always remember my brother Mierack would always protect me and he kept the promise, until he changed from being a happy guy to somewhat sad and dull, then when years past I saw my brother kill our parents right in front of me, he left without ending me, but I had worse my girlfriend Malela died during a war between us monglazian’s and goliathins I live a horrible life until I went to earth by a timediment grenade that teleported me here.

My Appearance

Green hair, tail and wings. White horns, Brown leather coat with a Cape part at the bottom of the coat, blue Jean’s, white shirt, gray boots, and glasses along with brown eyes, also wearing a cross necklace.


Sword, pistol, money, timediment grenades.

My Secrets Are...

I have a spirit named Vengeance that tries to get me and my friends to lose it and hurt others but he is more of a problem