Spectra, The Dragon Lady



Spectra, as of now, has two dragons. One is a black dragon named Kyran (kie-ran), he goes wherever she goes and acts as her sentinel. Her second dragon is Scourge, a baby red Hellfire dragon, given to her by a friend. Scourge is almost always with Spectra but isn’t as well known as Kyran.

Who Am I...

Spectra is the spawn of a demon and a dragon with a dark past and unclear intentions.

My Story Is...

Spectra is often referred to as The Dragon Lady because she spends quite a bit of her time with and around dragons. She lives on an island named Paramythia. Paramythia is a place where dragon breeds that have lost their territories can come to, Kyran helps her maintain the peace on the island by making sure territory isn’t being stolen. Another way Spectra keeps the peace is by making sure that the opposite breeds are on opposite sides of the island. Spectra speaks a second language that is native to the dragons that reside in Paramythia (¨~¨ are used when speaking in her second language, for example ~fly~).

My Appearance

Spectra wears a metal head dress that looks like the head of a dragon, a metal plated corset, and armour on her lower arms that covers the back of her hands, wraps around her finger tips and turn into metal claws. She has long silver/gray hair and big gray wings that resemble those of a dragon or a bat. Since Spectra is around dragons a lot the time, the metal she wears is fireproof and extremely strong because she often ends up becoming the dragons targets. Her wings are also fireproof, so the parts of her that her armor doesn’t cover she can use her wings to protect. Spectra is typically good at hiding her emotions but one thing that often gives away her emotions are her wings.


Spectra has few daggers and knives hidden throughout her armor.