Main Character:

Name: Elsown’sizi (Elso)

Species: Aarakocra (Bird-man)

Gender: Male

Relationship: Single

Orientation: Straight

Age: 10,927,184 years (In Aarokocra time)

Origin: The Elemental Plane of Air

Class: Mage-bard

Appearance: When standing at his full height, Elso’s head reaches around 10 feet, but his usual pose has bent legs, shortening him to 6 1/2 feet. His feathers are shimmering white, and he has speckles of brown and black on his forehead, back, the outer edges of his limbs, and the back of his wings. Elso has feathers along his arms and legs, ending at his knees and elbows. His hand talons, foot talons, and beak are all an orange-tinted gold. His golden eyes are usually glaring harshly towards most people.

Attire: Elso almost always wears a rough, black jerkin, black pants, and a billowing black cloak. He also keeps an engraved bone amulet with missing pieces hidden under his jerkin.

Weapons: Main- A long steel glaive in-laid with silver, gold, and gems, with a bone blade and point.

Other: Elso hides a pair of curved bone knives in his jerkin near his waist.

Personality: Elso likes to pretend he’s the mysterious stranger and not much of his past, but he knows nothing about Hellifyno’s history and news so he often ends up more confused than intimidating. He also tends to neglect sleep as Aarakocra don’t need as much as humans, but he gets too little, even for a bird. He prefers quieter places over roaring crowds, often feeling out of place or neglected. He feels very untrustful of newcomers until they prove interesting or faithful. Elso also upkeeps a code where he will always protect and comfort children, no matter who or what they are.

My Story Is...

A dimension-traveling Aarakocra on his Soul Mission to complete his Bone Amulet. Elso seeks the missing pieces of his necklace and has only until his next Year-Turning (Birthday). He must find the pieces to fully unlock his potential and reconnect with the Goddess of the Elemental Plane of Air.

My Secrets Are...

I will only put secrets and tips as they are discovered in roleplay:




-Seeking the completion of his Soul Journey

-Dimension-traveler who only just arrived in Hellifyno, so he knows nothing of its history or news

I Believe...

That gods are only powerful beings and that the Air Goddess Inua is the most powerful being in all the realms and dimensions.