Who Am I...

A Healer

Romantic Interests

I try not to think about him.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am Echo, bastard child of Hera, Queen of the Gods of the Greeks, and I have been alive for more than 3000 years. In addition, I am the adoptive mother of Dragon Teers, who brings me great joy.


I live in a cottage on World’s Crossing, a dimensional pocket of almost pure nature and magic. In my garden I grow herbs and other plants, magical and natural, that I can then use in healing powders, tinctures and potions. I do not heal by pure magic and do not allow healing magic to be practiced on me.

My Appearance

Tall, slender, long dark brown hair to my thighs, hazel eyes. Usually dressed in a long, loose gown of healer’s green. My hair is usually worn in a single long braid with a small live snake woven into it like a ribbon, the colors of chocolate and jewels. The snake’s name is Aelu, and he is my healing partner.


The left side of my face is badly marred by three cruel curved talon marks from temple to jaw. Old as these scars are, they have never entirely healed over: they are closed but are almost as deep and ridged as when I first was wounded.


Healer’s pack, much bigger on the inside than the outside.

My Secrets Are...

Behind the peacock feathers that appear in my eyes when I am angry.

I Believe...

In the power of Nature.