Who Am I...

I'm a spiritualist

Romantic Interests

None at the moment

My Story Is...

I’m new to this region. My fellow travelers were killed in a hate driven riot that was started by a few rich land owners that wanted to sell us to the highest bidder to work in their factories. I escaped with my sister Giselle, but she died weeks later from pneumonia.

My Appearance

I’m 35, about 5’6 140 pounds, black hair and green eyes. I always carry a carpet bag with me. My outfit is a long black skirt and a grey tunic top with a black shawl.


I have a switch blade, and a set of Chinese stars that were given to me by my grandfather.

My Secrets Are...

I only have one secret, the child that died was not my sister, but a soothsayer from a neighboring town. She was wanted for murder, and before she died, she gave me an amulet that supposedly held magical powers.

I Believe...

In a higher power and can raise and lower the vibrations of those around me.