Yena arrived in Hellifyno just before the world was destroyed. It managed to get a portal token to a pocket in the Otherverse.

Who Am I...

A hyenoid artist who travels around by bartering for transport, portals, and lodgings.

My Appearance

A rather runty hyenoid (humanoid hyena) of indeterminate gender. Brownish fur with darker spots. Green eyes. Wears robes that look like a collection of throws from a head shop. Hands, feet and occasional streaks of fur are stained with various pigments in no particular pattern.


A grubby backpack containing a range of useful items such as small tools, bits of string, art materials, paper, snacks and interesting oddments.

My Secrets Are...

I don’t have ~secrets~, I have bits of information that I don’t consider important enough to share.

I Believe...

In being true to myself.