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Ice demons are a species of demon crafted by the Annunaki, the craftsmen of Heaven who were expunged unto earth by following Lucifier’s charge on heaven when human forgot how to handle fire. They are made from the permafrost of the ninth rotation of Hell, given life by the King of Hell which may or may not be Lucifer or some other Fallen turned Arch Devil. Their bodies are usually made with energy that resembles the Aurora-Borealis of Earth which branches into their horns, the only place the light is actually visible its fullest extent, and the markings which are like brands upon their flesh.


When faced with any situation, the easiest way to tell an ice demon’s mood is by looking at their markings and their horns, even though some are born without. Depending on a situation, their markings will always be a bright color beneath their flesh. When it is dim, it’s when they are embarrassed or don’t know how to handle a situation. When it’s flickering, it means their minds have drifted elsewhere or they are in emotional bliss or something akin to it. When their lights are flashing dimly, it means they are hurt, injured or in need of help in some form or way.


An Ice Demon has tremendous amounts of magic that are usually focused on the projection of their cold mists which flow from their feet and their flesh in a small diameter. Typically, the radius of their power’s reach is about six to seven foot around their body. When they walk, they freeze the earth, a method used to walk on snow that is deeper than one would typically make a foray into. They also have freezing breath and can extend through power through their fingertips to focus that cold on other things. They can manipulate regular ice and produce ice that is considered demonic which is also unable to be thawed by conventional human methods but may be thawed with holy flame or ice of a holy nature.


Their horns are usually used to transfer energy from themselves to someone else and they are very sensitive as they are made from the same ice as their flesh which means, while they are hard, they are easily shattered if forced into a bad angle or if crushed by an opponent and are therefore typically never used as a form of battering ram or to gore their subjects. When mating, an ice demon will typically lock horns with their lover and they typically never mate with someone who doesn’t have horns for it is odd and rare to see ice demons without.


Every marking on an ice demon has a meaning. For some, they’re gifts left behind by their annunaki creators. The others, they denote station and status among their court.