Who Am I...

The Great Oprah aka Nucking Futs Fina

Romantic Interests

Dis Pater

Relationship Status

reMarried to Elexia Haberdash

My Story Is...

Ive lived a long long time. Two! Whole! Weeks! Made ya look…
My favorite thing to do is dance…what? No! It makes my feet hurt. Oh look, a bird plane.
Why are you looking at my Bertil that way?…He is not for eatings, ugly!
Leave me alone!

My Appearance

Long tall short and sweet. Give me chocolate and Ill give you a treat.
Ohhh, whats this? Maw maw maw! As tall as 5 feet, I give you…..Wonderland! Its not about the writing desk because the raven does not exist.
What were we talking about again?


My sweet sweet Bertil and the glitter in my pocket. I wove my wittle Bertilly…

My Secrets Are...


Or was it Legend?….

Maybe Lochness!

I should ask Bertil. He would know.

I Believe...

Tomorrow is just another yesterday. Or was it today?