Clockwork Orange

Who Am I...

My real name is Anna but I go by Clockwork or Clock for short.

Romantic Interests

Don't have any

My Story Is...

I was 18 when I was killed. Some man killed my brother and I but I was the only one who got revived. Now I’m a cat/human hybrid who had a terrible first master. His name was Ashton. He ruled a very bad world and kept me on a chain. My master now is much nicer. His name is Jack. He may or may not be the master of ice. He broke my chain but part of it still hangs off my unbreakable collar. I live in a house in the woods by myself.

My Appearance

White hair. Brown eyes. black tanktop with maroon hoodie over it. Ripped black jeans. combat boots. pale white skin. faint whiskers.


Sword and spell book

My Secrets Are...

Ashton possesses her sometimes and makes her go “void”

I Believe...

Ice god.