Azlaria, the keeper+Anirissa Nomomea


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An albino tiefling drawn in exchange for a D20! [Art] [OC] : DnDAnirissa


Who Am I...

Azlaria. The keeper of knowledge+ Anirissa the albino tiefling.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Appearance

I have a hispanic like skin tone with green eyes and freckles. I usually wear a black skin tight dress with a cut out part to reveal on leg. I usually have my long, wavy, brown hair down sprawled on my shoulders.

Mini Dresses | Floral to Lace Short Dresses & Bodycon to A-line ...+A short 18 year old albino tiefling usually in a cloak.An albino tiefling drawn in exchange for a D20! [Art] [OC] : DnD


She carries nothing with her. She can simply summon things like most others can. No need for her to carry anything else around then+ A blade, some currency, and a backpack full of just random items.


My Secrets Are...

Nope not telling. It’s for me to know.

I Believe...

Knowledge isn't power. Doesn't matter how much you have, we all have feelings…that makes us all the same. Even if we keep them deep down.+Darkness is your only friend, it will hide you, it will protect you.