Azlaria, the keeper


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Who Am I...

Azlaria. The keeper of all.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Not much to tell, but I’ll do what I can. Long ago ,trust me when I say LONG ago, I was just a humble little farm girl having a simple life. I knew nothing of demons, elves, or even magic. I was just a normal human with a normal life. Well that all changed the day I saw…magic. I had been out in my fathers orchard picking some of the left over fruit from harvest, that’s when I saw it. A beautiful white woman was sitting in a small clearing in the orchard. Her long glowing hair shimmering against the sunlight. I had freaked out not knowing what she or perhaps it was. She managed to stop me before I could run off to tell my parents. She attempted¬† to calm me and reasure me that she was only here to help. Once I had calmed down and managed to ask her a few questions. It turned out her name was Palia, the keeper. She claimed to posses the knowledge to everything in the universe, and ones over from mine. She told me she came here to find someone to fill her roll as the holder of the universes. I was amazed by what she claimed to know, I had never heard of any talk of other universes than mine. Let alone other beings belonging to them. She offered the position to me, she said she had grown fond of me in the last couple of minutes. And really that’s all to tell. That’s how I got where I am today. All the other parts of my life is me growing up and traveling across inter dimensional plains. And heart break. Lot’s of heartbreak. But non the less I am still a cheerful person ready to spread joy.

My Appearance

I have a hispanic like skin tone with green eyes and freckles. I usually wear a black skin tight dress with a cut out part to reveal on leg. I usually have my long, wavy, brown hair down sprawled on my shoulders.

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She carries nothing with her. She can simply summon things like most others can. No need for her to carry anything else around then.


My Secrets Are...

Nope not telling. It’s for me to know.

I Believe...

Knowledge isn't power. Doesn't matter how much you have, we all have feelings…that makes us all the same. Even if we keep them deep down.