Lorien Elohai

Intro Video


May the sun not blind your path,

May you find your prey napping, and

May the wind be always at your back

Who Am I...

A warrior from times long past, searching for his way in an ever changing world

Romantic Interests

None in more then 200 years

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was a warrior of the heavens. After the Fall, I was tasked with helping to guide humanity to follow the Light as much as they were willing to listen to His word, to protect those who could not protect themselves, and to remove any threat that arose to the Grand Design.

After 2 millennia of this charge, I changed. I was able to bond and absorb all of the powers of the six primal stones of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Light, and Dark and can use and control any and all energies connected to the primal sources. As a result of this connection I have become a being of both Nature and Celestial.

My Appearance

I’m 6’10” with chestnut brown hair, topaz eyes that become cloudy or clear depending on my mood/state of mind, an athlete/warrior build, and a natural grace and ease that belies his otherworldly origins


A bracelet with six stones on it(blue, orange, red, green, yellow, and black)

Energy weapons made of any combination of the primal energies that can be made/dismissed at will

Money that can change to any form of currency needed at any given time

Energy shields made of any combination of the primal energies that can be made/dismissed at will

My Secrets Are...

My real name is Uriel, known as the Flame of God

I don’t EVER WANT to return to the Heavenly Assembly

God blessed me with the gift of retaining all my powers as an angel and the ability to learn and master new abilities

Sense the beginning of time, I crave companionship deeply

I age 1000 times slower then any mortal race(100 mortal years = 1 year for me)

I cannot be forcibly aged

I cannot become sick from any illness, natural or unnatural

I Believe...

That I will be the guardian of this world for the rest of time, and i'm not scared of it at all.