John Watson


Dr. John H. Watson

An experienced medical doctor recently returned from Afghanistan. 

Born in England
Retired Army Doctor 
Retired Captain of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers 
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John Watson was born in England and into a dysfunctional family. His father, an unhappy drunk and his mother a poor woman who endured a painful marriage, brought him into the world as their second child. It seemed that since the moment of his birth John was introduced to the cold painful hardships of the cruel world. With his parent’s constant fighting, and growing up poor and underprivileged, life wasn’t fair for the little boy with the golden locks of blond hair. But despite the constant cowering at the threat of Mr. Watson’s fist, Mrs. Watson always did the best she could when it came to John and his sister Harry (Harriet). She could never afford much but when she did, she sacrificed the cash to go towards her children’s happiness instead of her own. She was a selfless woman who got caught up with the wrong man..and in the end it dragged her down. John would always remembered the younger woman, the more selfless woman who cared until the end.. and maybe that’s why he grew up holding the familiar morals.
At School, John was popular. He wasn’t that bad when it came to interacting with people, but being one of the best players in the school’s rugby team sure helped.
John went to university in pursuit of becoming a doctor, but coming from a poor family he spent the majority of his time at university with his head stuck in his books. Scholarships were helpful but they didn’t cover for all of it. And so having nowhere to turn to, he turned to an area where his father had always pushed him towards.. so when the time came he enrolled into the army.

He served for a good couple of years and eventually became Captain. John had even built himself a reputation before being shipped off to Afghanistan. According to his good friend Bill Murray, he was what he called a “dirty boy”..

But that all ended when he was shot and was sent packing home, with a permanent starburst bullet scar and a limp as thanks.
After being discharged from the army, John moved back to London where he was doomed to the dreary life of a civilian life. His therapist offered him to write his experiences in a blog…the thing is…it was one pretty dull blog. Uninterested, he mostly ignored her suggestions. That didnn’t last for long.

Sherlock Holmes
After a few months back in London, he was introduced to his flatmate, best friend, and love Sherlock Holmes.
Together they’re inseparable, as they go on the best adventures, giving something John could blog about and giving John’s life new meaning. It’s an effortless and magnetic chemistry that works beautifully.
No matter what, John’s loyalty his detective is never ending. Before they had gotten together, John even admits to Sherlock always coming first and that’s the reason he could never hold down a girlfriend. But why would he need a girlfriend now that he’s with the one person he’ll truly go to the end of the world for.
John’s a good guy with a good head on his shoulders. Nothing really frightens him but when the people he loves and cares about are in danger. He may not be very tall but threatened, he leaves a tall impression. John is fiercely loyal to end. He’s kind, smart, and brave. Although he likes to try keep a composed exposure he has many skeletons in his closet as well as thoughts about himself buried deep.
John has central heterochromia eyes. the outside part of his iris is mostly blue while the ring around the pupils is either brown, changing his eye color from blue to brown. John has short sandy blond hair. His skin is a bit tanned from his time in the war.

His phone

Sometimes (Most of the time) his pistol
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