Mari Nette Bwa Sek

Who Am I...

Loa Queen of Power and Violence

Romantic Interests

Bisexual – Submissive (or willing to submit) Males and Females

Relationship Status

A Queen doesn't settle. She takes what she is given and what she wants.

My Story Is...

The Loa – Known as spirits to early humans, they are much worse. Cruel minds, disembodied, from a dead world, hungry for sustenance… Their food? The minds and hearts of living creatures.


Some sustained themselves off of attention, feeding on “belief”… Others took blood, bartering for it by doing favors for those asked.


Marinette was hungrier than that.

She had a reputation among the other Loa for being particularly starved of attention. In another life, she had ruled them all. In another life, she had been a queen. She would not lower herself for long periods of time just being a fairy tale in the minds of people she saw as prime cattle for slaves.


All it took was the empty mind of a girl, dead from birth, and the permission of a frightened mother for her to steal her chance. And she found it, time and time again. She could go for ages unseen, hidden in plain sight, living as one of these cattle, but elevating herself to heights she deserved. A queen, a leader, someone people killed for, lived for…


She could be alive.


Potential Role-Play Scenarios

Distant Past/Ancient History – Mari lives as a tribal queen, ruling a group of people with an iron thumb and hoping to expand her domain into a dark empire


Near Past/Recent History – Mari masquerades as a public official/community leader who presents an air of grace and dignity, but encourages darker, more sinful activities with the goal of expanding a seedy underground crime world.


Modern – Mari is the leader of a gang, terrorizing a city, with her followers pressuring others into their ranks, all with the hope of eventually rioting and successfully enforcing a carefully controlled gang city-state…

My Appearance

A black beauty.


A Queen made of more Spirit than Flesh, Mambo Mari Nette is gifted beyond any mortal capability.


Spirit Entity – As a Loa, Mari Nette Bwa Sek’s true essence exists in another realm, incorporeal, only reachable by near-death experiences or by permission from another Loa. This spiritual self cannot be truly destroyed, though it is more vulnerable while tied to flesh. Mari Nette operates in the physical plane by taking possession of a mortal woman’s body, thus giving her an anchor. The line between the Loa Plane and the Physical can be severed if put under enough stress, however, and cause Mari Nette’s spirit to return home, where it must recuperate for a time equal to the damage she suffered… but the trauma must be great in order for this to be accomplished.


Zombification – With her potent spirit, Mambo Mari Nette can pierce the mind and leave behind some of her venomous essence. This wound on the mind will slowly turn the living person into a slave under Mari’s will, obeying her every command, either as a mindless slave, or as a willing, brainwashed supplicant to her, as her essence warps the mind until it surrenders or breaks…


Limitless Transmutation – How does a spirit curry the favor of so many, other than bending their minds? She changes reality itself around her. With potent spiritual magics and potion-craft, Mari Nette can do great a many things. She can spin gold out of air to provide limitless wealth; she can craft weapons from next to nothing to arm her soldiers; she can twist and shape the body into something stronger, favoring the creation of loyal ‘dog soldiers’ or werewolves, to serve as her elite soldiers and personal harem; she can even grant others immortality as long as her anchor to the physical plane remains. A Queen that can give anything can gain everything…


Faith Empowerment – Mari’s power over this world stems from others believing in her, worshiping her, loving her, fearing her, or just knowing about her. The more people that are aware of her presence and identity, the stronger she gets. The more of those people that fear, love, or worship her, the more potent that strength gets. It isn’t unfair to state that when she is at her peak, she is a goddess.

I Believe...

In Blood and Fire and Rule.