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“The world, just doesn’t look the same to me anymore. When I was a child, everything was full of color and brightness. There was no wrong with the world and there was no wrong with myself. I was blissfully ignorant to the troubles and pain that the world truly held. Now? The world is grey, like it appeared in the old films in the 1920’s y’know? Despite their comedic nature, those movies really brought out the true color scheme of the world for the rest of us to see. I see the pain and suffering of those around me and I constantly deal with my own. But I keep living. Why? Fuck if I know man, I just… do.” Dúlagar breathed a soft, saddened sigh. His warm breath flowing along his frowning lips and between the threads of his beard. His silver eyes staring almost expectingly at the ceiling of his office, his friend of many years on the screen listening to his words while giving an understanding nod “I know what you mean Dúl, I actually feel the same way in some cases. But don’t let it get you down, your mind is festering in the past and that’s no good for you. Go out, meet some people, have fun with your life. You only have the one you know.”

This brought an amused chuckle out from Dúlagar’s throat before he moved his head to look at the screen once again “Thank you Gil, it means a lot to me that you listen. Hey, I’m gonna head off. Do some of the things you suggested. Take care” He said before nodding as Gil returned the farewell and he shut off the chat service. This was the last time that Dúl heard from Gil before the world flooded. How he’d managed to survive, he didn’t know but he was glad he did because the thing about Dúl was that everywhere he went, misfortune and pain soon followed. This was the life of a cursed undead, but he sure as hell didn’t look undead oh but did he feel the dead part, internally at least. He lived his life day to day, and came across an old man who was suffering. Having only coins and no bills on him, Dúl gave the man what he had and was immediately met with the phrase “You’ll bring death to all who follow you”. Not the kind of day he’d wanted to have, but at that time he merely guessed the man was either on something or delirious from illness. Having nobody who truly followed him in life, soon after Dúl was met with a rather amusing death. You see, Dúl worked in an elastics factory. This meant that they made anything from rubber bands all the way up to military strength bungee cords. Unfortunately… Dúl happened to have gotten caught in a net of industrial bands, in which that net caught caught on the performance machine. The machine pulled the net back as far as it could handle and…. SNAP The net was released, releasing Dúl with enough force that he shot over 500 feet into the air. Right into the propeller of an ascending plane. His neck was snapped, his bones broken, and when he hit the ground was when the overwhelming pain kicked in and forced him unconscious.

Weeks later Dúl awoke, thinking he’d survived and was alive. Yet… it was dark and earthy. A distinct odor of cedar and pine filled his nostrils before he realized what had happened. The old man’s curse came to be, and here he was, an undead. Having no need for oxygen anymore, he was able to break out with ease thanks to his limitless stamina. As his hand shot out of the ground, all he could hear was the terrified shriek of a passing couple before panicked footsteps receded. After having dug himself out of his grave, he let out an annoyed groan and looked around “Just what I needed, next I know the military’ll be on my ass faster than the SWAT entering a drug dealer’s home.”

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