Mialee C Stormborn

Who Am I...

Mia Stormborn, Dragon Tamer. Practitioner of the Bladesong and student of Abjuration. The Proud of Majin Cain.

Romantic Interests

Men. Women. Humanoids

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Mialee Crescent-Moon Stormborn is a Half-Elf Wizard from the magical lands of Toril. She comes from the noble and prestigious family Stormborn, one of the hundred other families that live in the crown jewel of the Sword Coast.

There was a complicated, magical ritual preformed upon her at birth by the strongest magic crafters of the clan. They intended to give her more power, strength, and longevity equal to that of her Elven mother. While the performance was a success, it was of course not exactly what they had planned. While the process gave her innate spellcasting, it also created a unique fracture in her mind that allows her more brain power and ability to remember and recall information.

As a child, the entirely of her elder family was slaughtered and replaced; but an evil, dastardly organization that refers to itself as the Hand. Her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, anyone with magical might enough to fight back was ceremoniously murdered in the name of their Dark God. Mialee was three.

The Killers preformed transformation and polymorph spells to mimic the clan elders, essentially taking over the noble clan and gaining another foothold in Waterdeep. Though instead of getting rid of the children and drawing suspicious to themselves, the Hand agents indoctrinated the children into believing them being the real adults. In combination of everyday life, each child was put under magical enchantment, everyday, to assure that they’d go into into the city and propagate the lie that everything was normal in the Stormborn home.

Of course while they assumed the magical part was working on Mia, considering that she was only half an elf and a youngling to boot. While  too young to understand or really know the difference, Mia called the same fake people mom and dad, aunt and uncle; the only living Stormborn’s now being the cousins of her age group.

As an adult, Mialee became an adventurer to both learn practical applications of her arcane craft, and to gain some worldly experience before sitting at the point of the Stormborn’s. But in her wizardly training, there was an accidental Planeshift that brought heiress of the Stormborns here to the planet Hellifyno.

It has been quite a few months since Mialee’s accident. While learning the ways of the mysterious and magical planet, she had been practicing and honing her craft, surviving this wild and sometimes savage planet while gaining the needed power and experience to recreate the spell that had gotten her here in the first place.

The white haired wizard would have found herself on the Grimvale Islands, visiting the dragon Caretaker who had presented her with her familiar and friend, the lightning dragon Avalon. A black dragon with golden wings.

She had went from living in the Red Sun Inn, to a small room in the city of Persistence, to now living among the sprites and nymphs in the city of Thistlemere. She offered the city aide with her magical prowess in return she recent a home and a laboratory in which to preform some of the less controlled magical experiments.

Recently, she had met the magical being known as Majin Cain; a powerful construct of pure dark magic the likes of which Mia had never seen before. She had agreed to be /his/ a trophy to cherish and adore, in return for a magical mark known as Sin Empowerment which rests against the side of her neck. Her Sin? The Sin of Pride.

Multiclassing as a Hexblade Warlock, challenging the dark magical Majin energy like it came from the Shadowfell. Her boon? Her pact weapon, a dagger she could manifest into her hand in an instant.

Now the Wizard/Witch intents to build the Stormborn name here on Hellifyno, and maybe convince her cousins to join her on this world.

My Appearance

Mialee Crescent-Moon Stormborm stands at 6 feet tall. She has long, ivory hair that reaches down to the middle of her back; and endless pools of cerulean elven orbs placed within the sharp, porcelain human features. She usually wears a tunic and form fitting pants over her lithe form, protected by a few armor pieces across her chest, shoulders, and even defensive bracers; with leather boots.


Mialee’s Encore: This ancient Rapier has been passed down in the Stormborn line for many generations. A graceful weapon crafted by ancient high elves, and as such is given certain quirks like it can never be blemished or dirty; nor will it ever dull or rust. The gem placed in the hilt guard a unique Arcane Focus that each wielder before her had poured their heart, their Song into. While she could perform the BladeSong with any bladed one handed weapon, this instrument constructed her best Song.

Mialee’s Record: Every wizard has a spellbook, that is common knowledge. This book contains the entirely of her works and understanding of the workings of magic and the Weave. Every spell that the wizard knows is in this book, but it is not the source of her magic. Every day, usually before she heads out her room, the wizard sits down and selects a certain number of spells to commit to memory for the day. It is protected with several runes and an arcane lock, but its not impossible to break into. It would also take some time to decode the writing, as it is written in not only elven and with arcane figures; but in shorthand that makes perfect sense to the caster and the caster alone.

Mialee’s Baton: The Pact weapon she can channel and form at will to any melee weapon, she is magically proficient in said weapon gifted as a boon by her pact with the Majin Cain. The weapon disappears if it’s ever more than 5 feet from her for over a minute, if she dismisses it, or if she dies. While in contact with her weapon, Mialee can invoke certain arcane invocations such as Armor of Shadows, Majin’s Sight and Arcane smite.

Back Pack
10 Torches
10 days Trail Rations
Water Skin
Portal Coin
50 ft Hemp Rope(Outside)

A book of lore
Bottle of Ink
Ink Pen
10 Sheets of Parchment
Little bag of Sand
A small knife
A portal coin

My Secrets Are...

Even though I try my hardest to be dignified, so my regal bearing can be distinguished above the unwashed masses. I hold a secret, insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.

Of course I’m proud, I’m the Scion of the Stormborns. My parents betrayed, but avenged, I now stand at the head of the Clan; for whoever or whatever’s left.

I Believe...

I am the great Mialee of the proud Stormborn Clan! I will prove to this world and every other our greatness!